NBU Retirement

We have decided to retire Newser by Users.

Though our stories are brief (a Newser signature!), they're not always a breeze to write. We ultimately decided that NBU was burying the fun part—finding a really excellent story that our readers should know about—underneath a lot of hard work.

So starting today, we're ditching the painstaking part and getting right to the easy part by introducing Suggest a Story. It's a five-second way for you to clue us in on a really great find, and, of course, get "suggested by" credit on the story page for doing so. Learn more, or start submitting stories, here.

Don't worry: All the stories you've written still exist in Newser's archives, and can be accessed through your user profile. We're so grateful for all your contributions to NBU, and hope you'll give our latest experiment a try. Questions? Comments? Direct them here.