6 Myths About Newser

Myth #1: Newser is automated, like Google News.

Reality: Nope. Newser does use custom technology to bubble up widely covered stories, but then our editors do the heavy lifting, picking the sources with the best information and analysis, along with searching out compelling stories that would otherwise be easy to overlook.

Myth #2: All Newser does is cut and paste content other journalists have created.

Reality: Each news story we select gets a summary written by our own staff of professional journalists—often from several sources. (Those sources, by the way, are summarizing information they’ve gathered from other sources, too.) You’ll see each writer’s name posted below each headline, along with links to all sources on the right, which we always credit and link to.

Myth #3: Newser is putting newspapers out of business.

Reality: Newser is for people who can’t get what they want from their newspaper, who want a bigger picture than a newspaper can offer, and a faster, more efficient presentation. It’s for people who want one-stop-shopping for stories and opinion pieces all over the web, and who want to consume news in a quicker and more entertaining way. If newspapers want to stay alive, they have to adapt to the web.

Myth #4: Newser depends on newspapers for all its stories.

Reality: As the news landscape shifts and the business evolves, more and more journalists and writers are emigrating to web-only outlets. Newser is following them closely, adding new sources daily and recognizing good work wherever it’s published online. Salon, Slate, and Gawker are just three of the web-only sources we frequently use.

Myth #5: Newser is politically biased.

Reality: Newser intends to be irreverent but not biased; we aim for balance by using sources from all over the political spectrum, and summarizing provocative opinion pieces from all sides. While OFF THE GRID presents the views of Michael Wolff and other columnists, on the grid the opinions expressed are those of the columnists and editorial writers whose work we are summarizing. Often we will present a range of very different viewpoints within one item.

Myth #6: Newser is confusing—it doesn’t tell you what’s important.

Reality: It’s true that Newser doesn’t look like conventional news web sites, which are basically modeled on newspapers. It’s a new, native web approach that doesn’t give you a hierarchy of news stories (from big headlines to small ones) that stays very much the same for most of the day. We give you a mix of news—hard and soft—in a grid that makes each story easy to scan and access; you decide what’s important to you. And the grid is constantly changing as stories are posted 24/7; when you check in through the day, you’ll always count on finding something new.


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