To Predict the Market Bottom, Look to Media's U-Turn

Oct 31, 08 | 9:49 AM   byMichael Wolff

The major concern about the fiscal crisis for business reporters and commentators is that, perhaps even more than economists, bankers, and politicians, they don't know what they're talking about. This is one reason why the phrase most-serious-financial-meltdown-since-the-Great Depression , a benchmark that means absolutely nothing, has been used so often. It's merely to say: seems that it could be very bad, but we don't have the learnin' to actually say how bad. It's now been three months of catch-up, of the business press trying to get as smart as...
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Sarah Palin Is Your Future

Oct 30, 08 | 9:43 AM   byMichael Wolff

Sarah Palin, bedeviling her handlers, isn't the nail in the heart of the McCain campaign as much as she is the creation of a new American personality. Her failure is a huge success. There is enormous upside in finding yourself a national joke. Ridicule converts easily to affection. This is the peculiar result of this campaign: a young black president, and an even younger woman leading the opposition. (AP Image)   Nobody can be more surprised about this development than John McCain, that he would be reduced by her, and that she would be the contrast...
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Big Bucks Blair Should Have Taught His Pal a Few Tricks

Oct 29, 08 | 3:00 PM   byMichael Wolff

Blair's $20 million take in his first year out of office, trumping even the master of after-office spoils, Bill Clinton, changes the economics of politics and leadership. Who wouldn't want that kind of money? At such levels, every major world political figure is going to be calculating his or her ultimate return. Indeed, the market place obviously establishes your real value as a politician, not the voters. George Bush, surely, is not going to be good for that kind of dough. (AP Photo)   Such prospects of such vast sums may have a distinctly salubrious...
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"Fragile" Edwards Can't Live Without the Light

Oct 29, 08 | 10:35 AM   byMichael Wolff

Elizabeth Edwards may be a serious woman, as well as a wronged one. But her public re-emergence without a wedding band has as much to do with the existential nature of politics, as it does with her ostensible commitment to heath care. Having your husband publicly cheat on you may be hard, but life without the spotlight may be harder.  Indeed, everything would reasonably argue against Elizabeth Edwards' return to the spotlight. Having to relive the humiliation of her husband's affair, having to endure the constant public examination of her body ("Her hair has...
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