BP's Alaska Pipelines on Verge of Collapse
At least 148 have received an F-rank due to corrosion
By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff
Posted Nov 3, 2010 5:31 AM CDT
This undated photo provided by the Alaska Department of Conservation shows a failed 6-inch lateral pipeline.    (AP Photo/Alaska Department of Conservation)

(Newser) – BP's vast network of pipelines in Alaska has been left in a sorry state by severe corrosion, according to an internal maintenance report obtained by ProPublica. At least 148 BP pipelines on Alaska's North Slope have received an "F-rank'," which BP workers say means at least 80% of percent of the pipe wall is corroded and could rupture. Many of the lines carry flammable or toxic materials through pipes a small fraction of an inch from bursting.

BP says it has "an aggressive and comprehensive pipeline inspection and maintenance program," but workers complain that the company hasn't been spending enough to keep up with the pipes' decline or to replace outdated warning systems. "They're going to run this out as far as they can without leaving one dollar on the table when they leave," one BP mechanic and welder says. Several employees warn that tanks holding hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic fluids are at risk of collapse.

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Nov 4, 2010 2:06 PM CDT
Who Gives a shit? Are so called "government" doesn't care about its citizens or the environment. Its all about money, giving GM 46.5B in tax breaks and letting BP F-shit up for years.
Nov 4, 2010 4:10 AM CDT
My good friend Charles Hamel has warned of this for years. Look up his story to see how he was treated.
Nov 3, 2010 9:57 PM CDT
Lets see the republicans put their money where their mouth is for a change. Bleeding heart liberal hippies wanting to save our Earth picketed, protested, spent time chained to or living in trees to protect them, supporting Green Peace and educating the world on the need to protect the Earth we all have to live on. We have laws and whole agencys allegedly dedicated to protecting the environment. They were promptly gutted by the Bush admin. Cheny knew just how to maximize his 'profits'. Thats how BP, Halliburton, etc get away with this crap. I worked for an energy company who had the Corporation Commission so in their pocket, they were given advance notice of 'surprise' inspections. Companies used to give their employees pensions, match their savings, provide healthcare, job security, profit sharing. Republican and Democrat, we all prospered. All I ever hear from republicans now is 'profit is my God'. Damn all those poor people endangering MY profit, MY money, My American Dream. Well, the squeeze is ratcheting upwards, its me today, you tomorrow, and with big money now able to buy even our Courts, who will protect what rights any of us have left? Thats what you should be worried about. And Entitlement. I can afford an SUV, so who cares if it pollutes more, wastes more gas? I have money, that makes me entitled to whatever I want, so screw the rest of you, and go cry about it, losers! I'm sick of hearing about 'spending our childrens futures' when I'm not sure there will even BE a future for them. Big corporations reap obscene profits, put NOTHING back in their companies or employees, and leave ruin, pollution, extinctions and poisons in their wakes. THEY have money, it makes THEM entitled to whatever they want, so screw the rest of us, and go cry about it, losers! Right? What do they care, Dubai built them their own little island playgrounds to hole up in while the rest of us in that lower 95% income bracket are dying from cancers, lung disease, and heaven knows what else. A profitable America is what we all want, what we all need, but there has to be a more equitable way to achieve it. I want my share of the American Dream back. Give them more choice than we got: put X % of those profits back into the company and employees, or tax the hell out of them and let them pay for it the hard way. Tell corporate America to invest those profits back in America, give us our good paying jobs back and we will be able to pay our mortgages, provide our own healthcare, pensions, etc. again.