Flirting on Facebook Counts as Foreplay

Men, women say social networking leads to bedroom more quickly
It's the modern come-hither look.   (AP)

(User Submitted) – Looking for a way to minimize the time you spend trying to convince someone to hop in the sack? It turns out Facebook is the answer—in a sex survey from Shape and Men's Fitness magazines, 58% of men said flirting over Facebook and other social media helps them get women in bed faster. For women, 80% agreed that relationships move to the sex stage more quickly than before social media was available.

Maybe so, but all these texts, tweets, and private messages are actually driving us further apart in terms of real and lasting connections, a psychologist tells ABC News. It's creating a sense of "faux intimacy" between couples who think they're tuned into each other but really aren't. "It's easier to hop into bed than have a relationship," she said. "It's all a function of the fast-paced world we live in, where communication skills, genuine communication skills, which means face-to-face communication, are quickly going by the wayside."

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