Dead Baby Found in Bedroom of Girl, 14
Teen hid pregnancy, police investigating
By Mary Papenfuss, Newser Staff
Posted Feb 8, 2011 4:06 AM CST
The newborn was found in a plastic bag stuffed behind the teen's bed.   (?Daquella manera)

(Newser) – Police are investigating what caused the death of a newborn found in the bedroom of a 14-year-old girl who had kept her pregnancy hidden. The girl's mom rushed her daughter to a local hospital when she began bleeding heavily. The doctor reported an apparent birth, and police arrived at the teen's Brooklyn home to find a dead newborn in a plastic bag stuffed behind the girl's bed, reports the New York Daily News.

An autopsy is being performed. The girl is "not being very cooperative," said a police spokesman. "Parents need to be involved and know what their kids are doing," he added. "You're a mother, a woman, you're supposed to know. If you're just 14 years old, you're a baby yourself." Sadly, this is far from the first time something like this has happened.

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Mar 11, 2013 9:04 PM CDT
Question 1; . How obese must a 14 yr old have to be in order to conceal a pregnancy? Question 2; . Even being obese her parent (I doubt she has more than one) should have been able to notice that the child was suddenly gaining even MORE weight? . Can anyone say 'welfare babies'?
Dec 20, 2012 11:16 AM CST
First of all, parents DO need to: a) be more involved with their children and have a greater awareness of the activities they are involved in, b) develop a sense of trust and understanding between themselves and their children, c)stand up for their rights as parents!! How are parents supposed to be able to help and support their children in situations like this when their young children are being given condoms in school and taught that it is ok to be sexually active at their young ages -- given free birth control, condoms, and pregnancy tests at planned parenthood (where they ALSO are given "advice and counseling" regarding the pregnancy) and are able to go in to a hospital or doctor's office for treatment ----- all of this without the knowlege or consent of the parent?!?! Parents are being blamed for these teenage pregnancies, etc....... yet society intentionally keeps parents out of the loop regarding the sexual activities of these children --- all in a so-called effort to "protect" the children from the anger of their parents..... How misguided is that?!?!?! Where is common sense and the ability to reason these days?!?!?! How is a parent supposed to do his/her job well when something as important as the fact that his/her child is sexually active at a young age -- and the adults in the public schools, doctor's office, planned parenthood, local hospital, etc are aware of this -- but this rather crucial bit of information is being withheld from the parents?! Can someone PLEASE explain to me how this is truly in the best interest of the child? How can parents help if parents are kept in the dark not only by their children, but also by the very adults who claim to be doing what is best for the child?!?!?! Yes, many parents try to teach their children that they should not have sex before marriage, that it is wrong to do this, etc., so of course the children are going to be afraid of telling their parents for fear of disappointing and/or upsetting them. And, yes, there have been parents who have taken this anger to the extreme.....but I can guarantee that the average parent loves his/her child enough that he/she will support his/her child and help the child through the situation. (It may take a bit to get over the shock, however)....but then, if the parent is made aware of the fact that the child has become sexually active to begin with, then it is possible for the parent to speak with the child and help prevent the pregnancy from ever occuring to begin with!!!! As a mother myself, I, too, have taught my children that sex should wait until marriage....but I also understand the pressures faced my teenagers these days -- not to mention the constant exposure through the media, music, movies, books, television shows, etc...they are going to be curious, they are going to feel pressured by their friends...and they may not be strong enough to say 'no' -- does this mean I will no longer love my children? Of course not!! I am going to provide them with as much support, love and guidance as I possibly can......and I think most parents feel the same way. Therefore quit BLAMING parents and help support them in their challenging role!! Quit helping children to hide such crucial information from their parents....instead make sure the parents ARE informed so that the parent is given the opportunity to do the job of a parent!!!
Dec 18, 2012 8:09 AM CST
Where is the follow-up? Teenagers can learn a lot from this story and the comments both positive and negative. It gives them more to think about and consider when making decisions in similar situations.