Ten Countries With Fastest Rising Food Prices

Droughts make matters worse in Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, elsewhere
By Ashley Allen,  Newser User
Posted Feb 22, 2011 9:01 AM CST
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People displaced by flooding line up for food and water outside a fire station in Higuerote, central Venezuela, Dec. 6, 2010.    (AP)

(User Submitted) – Between June and December 2010, 44 million people across the world were pushed into poverty by rising food prices. The price of many agricultural commodities increased by more than 25%, and for many countries that rely heavily on grains such as wheat for sustenance, prices may not go back down for years because of damage from recent droughts. Using a recent World Bank study, this analysis from 24/7 Wall Street looks at the 10 low- or middle-income countries where food prices have increased the most.

  • Brazil: Extremely dry weather in South America has hurt corn production. As a result, the price of corn has increased 56% from June to December, affecting the cost of other goods as well.
  • Kyrgyzstan: The price of wheat in Kyrgyzstan has increased 54% because of droughts in major wheat-exporting nations. Wheat is the source of 40% of Kyrgyzstan's caloric intake.
Click to read the full list, including Burundi, Bangladesh, and Argentina.

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