Dolly Scientist Dumps Embryo Cloning Method

Switches to less controversial Japanese technique
By Jane Yager,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 18, 2007 7:18 AM CST
Ian Wilmut, creator of cloned Dolly the sheep.   (Getty Images)
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(Newser) – The scientist who created the cloned sheep Dolly is now abandoning the technique he pioneered in favor of a rival method of cell modification developed in Japan. The Japanese approach, which genetically manipulates adult human cells, has proven less controversial than embryonic stem cell research. But scientist Ian Wilmut insists he was motivated to change his method because the Japanese technique is more effective.

"We've not made this decision because it's ethically better," said Wilmut, who conceded that the Japanese approach is "easier to accept socially." So convinced is Wilmut of the Japanese method's potential for fighting strokes, heart attacks, and Parkinson's disease that he has decided not to utilize his license to clone human embryos.