Resin-Lined Metal Water Bottles Can Leach BPA, Too
Switching from plastic may not help depending on liner
By Steve Vivian,  Newser User
Posted Jul 16, 2011 1:35 PM CDT
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File photo: Metal water bottle with an epoxy-resin liner may leach BPA, a new study finds.   (PRNewsFoto/Thermos L.L.C., Jason Wise)

(User Submitted) – A new study from toxicologist Scott Belcher of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine indicates that switching to metal water bottles from polycarbonate-plastic may not eliminate the risk of BPA leaching, reports Science News. It's the resin liner in the metal bottles that can be the culprit. Fortunately, the new BPA-free plastic bottles and those made from stainless steel with no liner or a BPA-free liner were found to have no traces of the pollutant chemical.

BPA is an estrogen-mimicking pollutant that has been shown to trigger potentially life-threatening heart arrhythmias in rodents, and has been linked to a slew of potential health problems in humans. Read the full article. Or click to read about other ways to limit exposure to BPA.