A Fight Club at U Chicago?!

Combats stereotype of student as '5 foot 10, pale, skinny, and good at math.'
By NewsDude ,  Newser Staff
Posted Dec 1, 2007 11:23 AM CST

(Newser) – While the movie Fight Club spawned many imitators after its 1999 release, it took eight years for a fight club to emerge at the notoriously intellectual University of Chicago. Called Thunderdome, after the 1985 Mad Max movie, the fight club meets outdoors, on the quads on campus, late at night. There are up to eight fights a night, some lasting only seconds.

Thunderdome emerged when several friends of one student who claimed to be a martial arts whiz wanted to put him to the test; a month into the fights, he remains undefeated champion. Not surprisingly, the U Chicago version comes with meticulous rules and regulations. No word on whether the club will be recognized as an official student organization.