Georgia Cops Handcuff, Arrest 6-Year-Old Girl
Salecia Johnson accused of assaulting principal, damaging property
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Apr 17, 2012 5:16 PM CDT
A screen grab from WMAZ video of an interview with Salecia Johnson and her parents.   (WMAZ video)

(Newser) – Georgia police have sparked controversy after they handcuffed and arrested a 6-year-old who school officials accused of assaulting the principal and damaging property. Police responded to an elementary school's call on Friday to find kindergartner Salecia Johnson having a tantrum on the principal's office floor, they said. When an officer tried to calm her down, she "began actively resisting and fighting," the police report said. "The child was then placed in handcuffs for her safety," said the police chief, according to CNN. "When a person is put in handcuffs, it's for their safety, it's not a punishment."

Johnson was "biting the doorknob of the office and jumping on the paper shredder"; she also threw furniture, hitting the principal in the leg, the report said. The girl was released to her aunt after her parents couldn't be reached. Speaking to reporters, however, Johnson's mother asked if there was "any other kind of intervention" that could have been used. "Call the police? Is that the first step?" asked Constance Ruff. Plans to press juvenile charges were dropped, police said, but Johnson has been suspended until August, according to her mother.

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Showing 3 of 98 comments
Apr 18, 2012 3:07 PM CDT
Coulda slapped her I guess. Tazer maybe. OC spray's probably a little bit too much though.
Apr 18, 2012 2:30 PM CDT
Wow, the blatant racism in these posts would be stunning, if I didn't recognize Newser's conservative comment posters to be near the very bottom of the intelligence barrel.
Apr 18, 2012 11:40 AM CDT
I personally think the school did the right thing, and i feel the police did the right thing!!! If this SPOILED LITTLE BRAT wants to act like an out of control wild animal, then she should be treated as such! And don't give me the bullshit about "She's only 6yrs old" Sounds to me like her "so called parents" caan't even keep this brat in line, if they even try too!! Just another set of "parents" who don't give a shit about their children, unless they can smell money, and a lawsuit! And as far as i'm concerned FULL JUVINILE CHARGES should of been pressed against this little monster, and she should of been punished to the fullest extent! Like maybe she should be sent off to a boot camp for uncontrolable kids, because letting her get away with the stunt she just pulled, and now "mommys" backing up her behavior the kid is only going to get worse, and next time she decides to throw another temper tantrum she could very well seriously hurt someone! I have a very STRONG impression that this will not be the last time this little brat will be in handcuffs!