4 Americans Feared Dead in Afghan Chopper Crash
Black Hawk goes down in the south
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Apr 19, 2012 3:29 PM CDT
File photo of a US Blackhawk Army helicopter in Afghanistan.   (Getty Images)

(Newser) – A US Black Hawk helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan today, and four Americans aboard are feared dead, reports CNN. The crash occurred during bad weather, though it's too early to rule out enemy fire as a cause, says a defense official. Only the four Americans were on the Army chopper at the time.

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Apr 20, 2012 9:59 AM CDT
Fuck all of you that sit high on your civilian horse giving your worthless opinions about what you think the soldiers should or should not be doing. And fuck everyone of you who thinks losing an AMERICAN life is ok or justified because you think the work is "unjustified" or some other fucking excuse. I didn't choose to start the war, I didnt choose to deploy to the wars, what I did do is volunteer to defend the country and follow the orders of my superiors. And despite a few soldiers who seem to think differently, we in the military do not have the luxury of declining to deploy or refusing action because of some high and mighty mentality that some of you assholes seem to have while you sit behind your desk or take orders at mcdonalds. It a human fucking life you assholes. Those soldiers on that bird were doing their job, nothing more, nothing less. And yet they still did more in their young lives then most of you worthless fucks will ever do. I pray that some day you can feel the pain of watching your friend die, or hearing that someone you know or love isn't coming back to base because they were just killed by and IED. Because you know what, it doesn't hurt any less to lose someone in a war thats "pointless" or "just the US trying to secure interests" you heartless fucking assholes. So how about you get mad at your congressman, senators and presidents before you get mad at us for doing what we're told. We cant quit our job like you, but thats what makes most of us so unique, we don't quit. We dont bitch, we don't whine or cry(most of us). "oh man, the coffee machines down" "we're out of fucking paper in the printer again, seriously" " Fuck traffic sucks, this it BS". Yeah, those of us sleeping in ditches in the pouring rain in the middleast would've killed to have complaints like those instead of "is that going to be me being drug though the city on fire" "am I going to wake up if I go to sleep?". So not that you assholes will change your fucked view, but just think nextime you see your friend or loved one how you'd feel if they got killed and you had to live with that loss like we do. You just better hope no one you know decides to join and you can feel what its like. Rest in piece brothers, we got the watch!
Apr 19, 2012 11:43 PM CDT
4 less sociopaths murdering civilans and posing with body parts(or collectiong them like those other fine troops)
Apr 19, 2012 7:05 PM CDT
Boo Fucking Hoo!! We need to get out!!! Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!! Did we not learn anything from watching the Russians Get their Asses Handed to them?? WTF?? Does anyone not realize that the CIA trained and supported BinLaden, then cut him loose? During and after that time he and the CIA trained them?? And don't forget about Reagan and Ollie North and ALL the Illeagal weapons sold to Iran and The Contra's !!! The Iran–Contra affair also referred to as Irangate.The USA/CIA has a habit of training people in countries where they want something. When We have what we want. We simply dispose or turn on them.