The 13 Most Worthless Majors
Want a job? Avoid fine art, according to 'Daily Beast' list
By Matt Cantor,  Newser User
Posted Apr 23, 2012 12:57 PM CDT
English literature won't get you far in the job market.   (Shutterstock)

(Newser) – Hey, college students: If your life plans include getting an actual job, you may want to avoid the stars of the Daily Beast's "most useless" majors list. Majors are ranked in terms of employment, taking into account unemployment rates among recent and experienced grads, earnings, and likely job growth this decade. The list contains a few surprises—sure, fine arts won't get you far, but neither will hospitality management:

  1. Fine arts (12.6% unemployment among recent grads; recent grads earn an average $30,000)
  2. Drama and theater arts (7.8%, $26,000)

  1. Film, video, and photographic arts (12.9%, $30,000)
  2. Commercial art, graphic design (11.8%, $32,000)
  3. Architecture (13.9%, $36,000)
  4. Philosophy, religious studies (10.8%, $30,000)
  5. English literature and language (9.2%, $32,000)
  6. Journalism (7.7%, $32,000)
  7. Anthropology, archeology (10.5%, $28,000)
  8. Hospitality management (9.1%, $32,000)
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