Asia Still Kicking Our Kids' Butts in Math, Science
Singapore dominates, according to new testing results
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Dec 11, 2012 10:14 AM CST
Tests suggest US kids are still behind other countries in math and science.   (Shutterstock)

(Newser) – The results of new testing are, unfortunately, more of the same: US kids remain behind a host of other countries in math and science, specifically those in East Asia. American fourth-graders rank 11th in math and 7th in science, while eighth-graders are 9th in math and 10th in science. Leading the way in math and fourth-grade science are South Korea and Singapore; Singapore and Taiwan are tops in eighth-grade science, according to tests developed by Boston College in tandem with participating countries.

US students' average scores weren't much lower than those of leading nations, but the percentage of American students who managed top scores was far lower than those in other countries, the New York Times reports. For example, just 7% of US eighth-graders scored at the advanced level in math, compared to 48% of Singapore eighth-graders. We fared a bit better when it came to reading, with US fourth-graders ranking sixth. More than 50 countries or education systems—Hong Kong has its own, for instance—took the tests. "Clearly, we have some room to improve," says an education official.

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Dec 11, 2012 11:02 PM CST
This isn't surprising. Our public education system is simply an indoctrination system. It's not there to do anything but train you to be an obedient, unthinking tool (a liberal, basically). Add to that the fact that most Americans aren't capable of properly raising children. So the kids goto school for 8 hours to be brain washed by the gov't, then they come home and spend 8 more hours getting brainwashed by TV. Americans are brain-dead consumers...that's about it.
Dec 11, 2012 3:07 PM CST
Before someone attacks me and labels me a racist, I AM NOT. BUT I AM REPORTING FACTS. I am not writing that you are "bad" or "stupid". I am just writing that some are "better" when it applies to learning and reasoning. Note the word, REPORTING. People of Asian Descent (Mongoloids) typically score One Half Standard Deviation over that of Caucasians on standardized I.Q. tests. No amount of schooling or education will ever overcome the Caucasian's Intelligence Deficit. Asians learn more rapidly than their European and American counterparts. Read "The Bell Curve" by Hammerstein and Murray. This research was done by Harvard Scholars and is an in depth study into Intellectual Ability differentiated through the Races. This is the SOURCE of the FACTS. Caucasians are typically inferior in intellectual ability when compared to Mongoloids. Mathematics and Science are both intellectually demanding fields of study. Considering the FACTS, of course it is to be expected that the Asian Countries will score higher than the United States as a collective group for the following reasons: 1) The majority of the Asian population is Mongoloid. 2) The majority of America is Caucasian. No amount of financial investment will ever change this. This is not the fault of the Republicans. This is not the fault of the Democrats. This is just the way that it is. It is the REALITY.
Dec 11, 2012 12:52 PM CST
BLAME the Democrats, they are the one's listening to all those left wing nut jobs who took over the education system. --- Since the sixties, American schools have been in decline, because Democrat morons, idiots, and imbeciles, have taken over our education system. --- Or was it "Board of Education vs Brown" ------- REALLY