Russia Admits Syria Regime Is 'Losing Control'
Opposition may win, deputy foreign minister says
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Dec 13, 2012 7:31 AM CST
In this Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012 photo, a Free Syrian Army fighter aims his weapon during heavy clashes with government forces in Aleppo, Syria.   (AP Photo/Narciso Contreras)

(Newser) – For the first time, Russia—a staunch Syria ally—has admitted President Bashar al-Assad's government may fall. His forces are "losing more and more control and territory," Russia's deputy foreign minister said today. "Unfortunately, we cannot rule out the victory of the Syrian opposition." He added that Russia may evacuate thousands of citizens who are in Syria, the BBC reports. Yesterday, it was reported that Assad's troops are using Scud missiles against the opposition.

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Dec 13, 2012 2:18 PM CST
It is high time that NATO, the United States, Turkey, the E.U. get involved in removing Assad from power in Syria. Assad is an evil man. Assad is killing his own people. Assad hosts terrorists in his country like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Lebanese Hezbollah. It is high time that the world help the freedom seekers in the Syrian Civil war. Assad must be removed from power by any means necessary. Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.
Dec 13, 2012 12:49 PM CST
Comeuppance Coming Soon: Why the west better rethink, recalculate and retreat from their reasoning Special to Sana from independent correspondent Aaron Chaney "Statements on this topic resemble those issued against Iraq and other countries. We don't ignore any possibility, including the Iraqi scenario. The world can't bear the consequences of such risk. The western countries should realize that Syria isn't a simple or easy country. Damascus has friends and there are regional and international balances." - Syrian Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi In passing you may well have likely seen the observation which follows posted throughout the worldwide web during the run up to what most assuredly soon must occur. Covetousness is a sin. Translation: Tunisia only has received proper remuneration during the so-called Arab Spring because they are an original. All the rest i.e. Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and yes Syria, are all covetous copycats. And thusly for the purposes of this article, what needed to be considered then is re-posted now. Additionally something else should be restated which may be missing through the haze of it all. Amongst that laundry list of countries where the covetous virus spread rapidly, in reality the last was actually first, in how so Syria held elections and indeed the voices of the people both spake and were heard. Check out this non-UN figure which nevertheless has much to do with that esteemed international body: More than a million Syrians both welcomed and joyously cheered on the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who paid a visit to their country on the heels of a joint Russia - China veto which prevented what would otherwise have authorized a "military beat down" on the country in question by foreign forces hell bent on helping free a people who were being ruthlessly oppressed by a vindictive dictator. Strangely, FM Lavrov hasn't returned to Syria since then. The probable reason? Primarily because a campaign to instill terror has been brought to bear throughout Syria by those again - covetous individuals, who have announced during recent "interviews" that they now consider civilian aircraft legitimate targets of opportunity. Let alone mosques, stores, hospitals, and private residences. Talk about war criminals, alongside a western assist this monumental blunder has left very few worldwide who still believe the government is responsible for the orchestrated carnage and acts of random chaos taking place in Syria. Estimates vary, but my hunch is that all of two people would seriously categorize these terrorists as freedom fighters. Consequently from within that established framework we'll consider the same number as now talking points. First and foremost folks let's be clear about this, the west and several others have emerged from the shadows to link arm in arm in a diplomatic stance stunt which amounts to a 'stare down scare tactic' designed to persuade the Assad government' to hightail it to the hills. These dance partners all have not a single whit of justification - not a solitary meter of ground to waltz on. The "elected" Syrian government termed regime by a plethora of news outlets has at a minimum a coalition of supporters who will NEVER acknowledge what these foreign voices have in lockstep agreed to acknowledge i.e that deciding for them who represents them would no doubt receive their blessing. All readers in the Western world do kindly reread that prior paragraph and imagine armed groups receiving the backing of say, Benjamin Netanyahu, who agrees that irrespective of your desires, a sundry group of individuals marked x, y or z affiliated with armed groups will indeed serve as your "chosen" transitional government in lieu of whosoever currently holds such titled positions alongside their names as those freely elected from within your nation. You see, Netanyahu figures this is an appropriate response to that group's desires because this will naturally lead to what - your freedom, which will coincidentally aid the armed groups (so armed prior to the 1st DSHK machine-gun they managed to smuggle into the country),who will willingly accede as well-wishers of those who only intend to ascend to power temporarily as your benevolent, liberating overlords. All who naively buy into such a ruse should review the Libya fiasco which would no doubt move you to doubt. An assist from other governments alongside a steady media diet has now formally endorsed and enabled terrorists who feel emboldened to quash the people of Syria and to frighten the people of Syria by murdering the people of Syria, yet in spite of it all, the government has the tacit approval (albeit silenced) of the people of Syria to carry on and contend with this evil conspiracy. And no wonder, since even a 5-year old can tell the difference between those who have their back and those who would indiscriminately shoot them in the back. BTW, a shout out to that veritable array of media outlets who initially sounded the weak western chord of Assad must go... Those of us in the know have taken note of your newest sonata - "If Assad falls." Wouldn't "when Assad falls" yield a bit more confidence to the spirits of the terror teams you're betting on? Here now is a reader assist if you're befuddled as to why those DJ's decided the latter tune didn't fit in well with their copious rock and roll playlists, whereby that rotation's not so obvious backpedal, even if painstakingly slow is a result of what I've termed the moral high-ground. With respect (and scarcely a smidgen) to "the chosen ones" lying in wait in posh hotels outside of the country, please detail who your "unarmed" support base inside Syria is and further respond to this question: Does the on the ground situation you fail to report depict the related viewpoint thus far outlined - that implicitly your goal is to try to intimidate and hijack a nation? As unfortunate supporting evidence... Syria militants have kid behead prisoner Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:58PM A shocking video has surfaced on the Internet showing militants in Syria having a child behead a kidnapped man. Such on display abhorrent behavior is a savage effrontery and embarrassment to the whole of the human race. Indeed, one can envision all manner of ominous occurrences that may very well transpire - if Assad falls. Those governments providing your foreign subsidy stipend should accordingly all beware of this reasoning as FYI, this same illogical thinking may likewise out of the blue impact them with a loud, resounding thud that takes on a life of its own from within their own sovereign states. On to point number two aimed squarely at those pitchmen/cheerleaders from the west and as well certain middle-east capitals... A little food for thought. When at last you humanely err by entering the arena (and the odds are favorable you shall shortly do as much), since you likely suspect your assistance will be required due to the fact those you term rebels, (whose associated actions as related above have now descended beneath the level of animals) these are no match for the Syrian armed forces... therefore do you surmise your intervention will remain solely within that territory as the Syrian government sits back and takes a pounding as Iraq did? Seeing how so effectively you've managed to isolate them obviously means Syria has no allies, right? Will their battle against you end up Afghanistan or Libyan style? However, if you've miscalculated and Syria does have loyal allies who are just watching and waiting... What might they do in response to your foreign meddling? Forget the hullabaloo about chemical weapons... have you ever heard of nuclear weapons? As well considered from "the lens" of potential blow-back sites, can such a place as Ankara come under fire. And while remote, imagine London targeted? Perhaps Paris? Munich? Or dare I say it - Washington D.C.? Hmmm... All who have been so addressed over the course of this missive are advised to refrain from either offering up their support or attempting to hatch ludicrous schemes so clearly defined and spelled out and instead reread the comment from Omran al-Zoubi which provides the lead-in for this pragmatic and prophetic article.
Dec 13, 2012 12:12 PM CST
Islamic Jihadists fighting alongside the Free Syrian Army are being labeled "Terrorists" by US & Russia Can anyone guess who the REAL Terrorists are in this conflict? It ain't the Jihadists who've massacred tens of thousands of civilians now is it? Whoever's running US & Russia foreign policies has NO CLUE