Rare Princess Diana Photo Up for Auction
It was taken before she was a princess
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Jan 4, 2013 5:57 PM CST
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(Newser) – An interesting photo of a teenaged Diana Spencer, taken years before she became a princess, goes up for auction later this month, reports the Huffington Post. It shows Diana, probably around age 18, relaxing in a ski chalet with a friend named Adam Russell, reports NBC News with help from the Guardian. A bottle of whiskey sits on a nearby windowsill. They weren't a couple, though Diana biographer Andrew Morton says Russell was "smitten" with her. The photo has "Not to Be Published" written across it, and it's expected to fetch at least $1,000 at New Hampshire's RR Auction house when a week of bidding ends on Jan. 24.

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Jan 5, 2013 12:37 PM CST
British Royalty = irrelevant
Jan 5, 2013 9:36 AM CST
I want to see more of the nudies of her playing in the sands of arabia. She was a player not a saintess
Jan 5, 2013 8:24 AM CST
There is so much propaganda here that it is pathetic. This is just exactly the same cover-up as when our USA murdered President John F. Kennedy to keep him from stopping the Viet Nam war, which had been planned the decade before. The picture that is up for auction now is of a serenely happy Diana Spencer, and as her father announced very cryptically to those who understand such things, said at her engagement qualification event, "Diana has no past." You really need the knowledge about how important that statement was. You also have to know that the late (he died in 1992) Earl VIII (his title) Edward Spencer did not like the marriage, but in spite of his accurate awareness about how bad the Windwers were, he was subdued by his wish for his daughter's happiness, and he formally stood to turn her over to the Windsers. Now I am just beginning with the intrigue that Edward Spencer was quite aware of! The Windsors never did have "royal blood' through lineage, they were German commoners. The Spencers on the other hand had a clear lineage back to "royal blood". Edward realized that Chahls was PROBABLY not interested in Diana, and that this marriage was being arranged in typical Windsor style to bring unwarranted legitimacy to the Windsor name - which would work retrospectively to enhance Elizabeth Windsor's position even though legally Elizabeth Windsor is a "pretender to the throne". That is a legal term most people are not aware of. It also adds to the conspiracy. When it became clear to Diane and her father that Elizabeth Windsor's public announcement upon Chahls' and Diane's marriage that Diane should expect to have all of her children as early as possible, that was really the message of an "arranged marriage" that only became clear to Diana after she gave birth to William, and the marriage very definitely went "downhill" faster than Fergie's marriage did when Dianne did give birth to William, about one year after the marriage -- and against the wishes of Elizabeth, she insisted on William's education being a public one with plenty of familial affection. Then she gave birth to Henry (called "Harry") and the Windsors began putting pressures on Diana to separate her from Chahls, as Chahls became estranged from Diana after she had served her biological purpose. It was Elizabeth Windsor who pressed for Chahls' and Diana's divorce, and Diana finally consented. However, as things always work in a divorce, (at least it seems that way), the "royal blood" children went with Diana! Now enter Diana's affair with Dodi al Fayed, a genuine love affair with wealth! ALARM !!!!! If Diana marries Dodi, she will take the "royal blood" children WITH HER! And there goes the phony royal family's plot along with them! Fayed would corrupt the boys into becoming (oh god no!) BUSINESSMEN, something Chahls unsuccessfully pretended to be! Just like President John F. Kennedy's murder by our own government was staged, so was Lady Diana's murder staged complete with false allegations that the driver was drunk leaving the Paris hotel! And I submit that had Williams been in the car that night with Diana, the crash never would have happened! What is being "whitewashed" is the actual testimony by genuine witnesses that two cars appearing to be paparazzi cars went up ahead and slowed the paparazzi motorcade;while a third RED car that was mentioned by the trailing paparazzi sped ahead to overtake the Fayed Mercedes Benz car, and all that was left behind is the tail light of that compact red car which disappeared from the scene and has never been located. But there was a long red scratch on the front side of the Mercedes that Dodi and Diana were riding in! After the wreck, it took the ambulance a half hour to arrive at the crash scene, which actually is quite typical in France. It was said that Diana was still alive, laying in the car saying repeatedly "Oh my God" There was a French off-duty volunteer firefighter named Damian Dalby, who told the investigation that he arrived on the scene shortly after it happened and he tried to give help as as the wreck scene was being photographed by the paparazzi.. He said one photographer shouted, "She's alive!" after taking a photo of her, and the photographer tried to push the other paparazzi away. One of the decoy testimonies was that paparazzi lured Diana's car to the underpass for photos but that is pure falacy. Also the French highway standards were far less adequate than our own US highway safety standards of the 1950s, the abutments to the overpass had no guard rails... a perfect place to plan a murder!