Panetta to Allow Women in Combat
Defense chief is lifting the military's ban
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Jan 23, 2013 2:33 PM CST
In a May 9, 2012 photo, Capt. Sara Rodriguez, 26, of the 101st Airborne Division trains at Fort Campbell, Ky.   (AP Photo/Kristin M. Hall)

(Newser) – Defense chief Leon Panetta is scrapping the military's ban on women in combat roles. The AP has the early scoop, saying the decision opens up hundreds of thousands of positions in front-line and commando units. Panetta is expected to announce the decision tomorrow, and the military branches have until May 15 to present their plans on how to implement it. Some of the positions could open this year. The branches have until 2016 to make their case that particular posts be off limits.

The Pentagon already has about 14,000 combat positions open to women, mostly in the Army, but a 1994 rule barred female troops from what the AP calls "smaller ground combat units." Panetta's decision overturns that 1994 rule. Female troops have sued the Pentagon for the right to fight, though not all agree it's the right move.

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Feb 5, 2013 8:28 AM CST
I guess this makes the Surpreme Court rule about women being barred from the *Draft* mute, now that they can serve in combat.
Jan 27, 2013 12:49 PM CST
1. A female with PMS and a gun, is only effective for 7 out of 30 days, each month. 2. This is just another fed-scam to screw amerika, under the pretext of allowing women into combat. a. There are more illegal aliens living in Arizona, then there are US troops on the ground, ANYWHERE in all 50 of our states, COMBINED. Meaning, that the USA cannot and does not have enough military to potect our country from invasion. THIS is the real reason the feds will not deport illegals. Read the Consitution and enlighten yourselves. Read your own Constitution where it states that the only reason why your state joined the union, was for PROTECTION FROM INVASION from a foreign country! b. The feds need a military draft to properly protect the USA, but they will not do it. Because they cannot find any fresh-cannon-fodder, they have now opened up "combat" to women. Soon, they will raise the enlistment age from 40 to 60, 70 or 80, hoping our seniors can "whine" the enemy to death, die in combat, and save money in not having to pay them their social security benefits. Plus, old people usually get up late at night, anyway, to pee, so there will be no problem with having them serve the Mid or night shifts! Plus, the feds can saving money arming them, by issueing them single-shot cane-guns that also have built in bayonets. c. The average soldier serving in our wars, is 25 years old, and has served 7 years in combat. More than any other soldier in this planet's history. d. The average soldier (meaning all military here and above in my comments) signed up for a 2 to 3 year hitch, so they would have enought money to go to college later (hey, charlie wrang-ball-less, you wanted a draft when we were not at war, so what is wrong with having one, while we are at war, ssssshithead!) and WAS NOT ALLOWED to get out of the military when their time came (called STOP-LOSS) because there were no replacements to take their turn in combat. 3. Anybody see on TV, in commercials, etc., those soldiers with missing arms, legs, etc., and other physical disabilities? Because this country is short soldiers, these combat vets are allowed to remain on active duty and have even been sent BACK to combat zones, to serve, again. All of this is to gut out our military, so we will have less people to serve and protect amerika. THIS IS WHY THEY WANT TO TKE OUR GUNS AWAY FROM US. mudscums have crossed into the USA from messyko since the early 1980's. The feds and our vets know it, yet, the feds will not close our border and deport those aalready here. I have no sympathy for anchor babies. They are and were all part of the plan to take over amerika. Afterall, every obama we know, who does not live in DC came here as an illegal. Doncha think barry is an illegal, too? His BC says he is an African-Amerikan, yet, the term was not even invented yet at the time of his birth. The term was invented in the 1980's and not in the 1960's. Everybody else, born before the change had "negroe" on their BC's. Also, any soldier who cannot meet the pysical standards, the educational standards, or the ability to get promoted (with time in combat zones as one of the criteria) will be discharged from the service. By doing so, we will have more women in combat roles, who will be discharged, leaving our army defenseless. As it is, there are only 10 infantrymen for every 100 soldiers on active duty. That is, only 10% of our forces are gun shooters! Even on aircraft carriers, there are only 100 planes/pilots, who shoot in combat. The rest of them are support personnel. WAKE THE F UP, AMERICA! MORONS! Whos'e gonna protect you? The cops? Look at the last riot in LA -- THE COPS DIDN'T SHOW UP!
Jan 24, 2013 10:13 PM CST
any of you gals that want to place yourself in harms way and get shot at and wounded or killed drop me a post and let me know why you want to do this!