Tick Tock: Apple Working on 'iWatch'
Rumors about wristwatch-like device build up
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Feb 13, 2013 7:48 AM CST
Of course, there have been quite a few comparisons made to Dick Tracy's high-tech wristwatch.   (Neftali / Neftali / Shutterstock.com )

(Newser) – Coming soon: an iPad you can wear on your wrist? Reports are piling up that Apple is working on what some are calling the "iWatch," a wristwatch that would perform functions similar to the iPhone and iPad. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal first reported the rumors over the weekend, but a report from Bloomberg today has quite a bit of detail: 100 product designers are supposedly working on the device, according to two sources who give specific names of two senior employees involved. The size of the team, which is said to include employees from marketing as well as engineering, suggests Apple has gone beyond the experimental phase, the sources say.

The Next Web agrees with that assessment, and adds that it's also "out of character" for a story like this to include specific names. Now that three reports are out, there is "some weight" to the rumor, it concludes. Some details from the Times and the Journal, both of which make the requisite Dick Tracy comparisons:

  • Bendable, curved glass, which Corning recently figured out how to make, will likely be used in the watch.
  • Foxconn is involved, and is looking into how to make displays more power-efficient. (No one really wants to charge their watch every day, right?)
  • Some things the watch could potentially be used for: health and fitness tracking, real-time navigation, text messaging, mobile payments, and of course, constant access to Siri.
Of course, if you just need an Apple watch now, you can always turn your iPod Nano into one.

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Feb 14, 2013 11:16 AM CST
Kit - front door
Feb 13, 2013 12:58 PM CST
Better yet why don't we Put on a Silver Suit and jam a PC in our brains and be done with it.
Feb 13, 2013 12:38 PM CST
I didn't want to say anything, but... Of course they need another consumer product for the iWorshipers to wait in line for. And they can buy multiple watches in an assortment of colors. The consumer electronics company needs to wow and dazzle professionals that make money off of their equipment purchases consumers. Let me clue you in. Steve Jobs is not walking through the door again, ever. And that is the problem. Because when Steve talks people pucker. Exhibit A: When iPhone call reception was questioned, much like Apple Maps bugs surfaced, Jobs HIMSELF spoke on the matter. Let me paraphrase: You (idiots) iPhone users are using (your) the phone wrong. Hold it differently, like I do. And everyone said "OK. He must know more than me. He knows what I want." And it went away. IF Jobs were still alive, he would have responded to the Apple Maps incident Apple Maps is in Beta. Simply look up addresses you already know. And again the "fans" would have said "Ok. It's Steve Jobs for cryin' out loud. He knows what I want." Of course, if Jobs were still alive, he might have been insightful enough to know that you don't release buggy software and then claim he features of it; Jobs might have just pushed the release of Apple Maps back. Of course some would say you don't release beta software (SIRI) AND run commercials about how that beta software is revolutionizing lives, and then AFTER the commercials have run inform people the software is still in beta. The real danger of Apple is hubris and condescention in their marketing; they treat their customers like they should feel privileged to be gouged: http://techcrunch.com/2013/02/12/tim-cook-talks-up-apple-software-and-services-we-are-not-a-hardware-company/ So Apple is a software company (and maker of iPods, iPads, iPhones, AppleTV, and Mac computers) whose software runs primarily on one hardware platform, coincidentally made by Apple. Really? Now here are the funny observations about the company: 1. They are bitter and vindictive and cut of their nose to spite their face. Want to know why there was no Google Maps in the latest iOS release? To spite Google. But it backfired. Anyone remember the rumors of iScreen or some sort of Apple TV screen. So you mean to tell me Apple is going to try and sue Samsung out of the mobile phone/computing market, but then Apple is going to enter a market (LCD/LED TVs) that Samsung has done will in for years (just like Apple Maps was meant to compete with a product already dominating for years -Google Maps), and not claim Samsung stole from Apple. Too.Funny. Bitter and vindictive. 2. They contradict the image of their organization. Apple, aside from it's CONSUMER offerings is a contradictory computer company; they sell inexpensive PROFESSIONAL applications to run on expensive professional machines. The market for a professional video editing app is about $500 and up. Avid (Media Composer), Canopus (Edius), Adobe (Premiere Pro), Sony (Vegas) all sell industry-leading video editing apps. And all of them are above the $500 mark or so. Apple sells FCP for $299. So the image is professionals that can overpay for a machine will want to pay less for the software. Apple knows is contradictory. Apple know many organizations running Adobe CS have no problem paying $1000 for software. Selling cheap apps for overpriced hardware is like buying a $9,000 car stereo to put in a 1994 Yugo. 3. Their specialty is dumbing down technology interfaces to appeal to a wider audience. Think of it like this. People that know how to drive know aspects of operating a car. But just about anyone can pick up the controls to a remote-controlled car and "drive" it with no type of practice or training. And they will feel empowered, but are not motivated to take actual driving lessons. Rudimentary controls for forward, backward, left, and right are all they need. That's what Apple does. They put simplistic yet elegant interface on complex technology and charge a premium. 4. Apple never really cared for their customers, and encourages them to be gouged as a symbol of pride. So I can get a MacMini with a 256GB SSD, but a 256GB SSD is not an option for Mac Pro? Really? And your only options STILL are 1) 1TB drive $150 2) 2TB drive $250 3) 512GB SSD $750 Really? That's it? Has anyone at Apple been to Newegg? 512GB SATA3 (that's the 6Gb/s speed as opposed to Apple's SATA2 3Gb/s drive channels) are under $500. And these options suggest that no one would want a smaller OS drive (128GB or 256GB) in their Mac Pro, because Apple knows what you want. But the topper is the RAM. 12GB (6x2GB) is standard on a 12-core, but upgrading to 64GB (8x8GB) is an additional $1,950? Seriously? Again I can go to Newegg, or any retailer and get 8x8GB for LESS than $500. And here's what gets me about that. Apple isn't going through some incredible modification to install 64GB. They are going to install RAM chips regardless if it's 6x2GB or 8x8GB. But you mean to tell me the difference between putting in 6 chips and 8 chips is an ADDITIONAL $1950.00? So I have to pay you $1950 to put $500 worth of equipment in my machine. Now the informed consumer knows to order the base memory and purchase RAM separately and save some money. But some people are going to click on that 64GB option. Think of it like this: Professionals require more than consumers. Take a recreational driver and a taxi driver. The recreational driver doesn't depend on their vehicle for income. The taxi driver knows every hour their vehicle is down is lost money. The recreational driver may never need to push the vehicle to the limits. The taxi driver probably knows the quicker I get people where they want to go, the more people I can transport, and the more money I make. One could use this example with anything: Pro photographer vs. consumer shooting pix for Facebook friends. Pro chef vs. one that merely enjoys cooking. Etc. Professionals have to think if their competition has more power for less money how will they compete. Ok. My iRant is over, for now. Oh how I could go on and on...