Sea Change on Immigration? 64% Support Citizenship Path
73% of GOP do when told of fines, taxes
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Apr 11, 2013 9:56 AM CDT
Waving the Guatemala and American flags, demonstrators participate in a rally for immigration reform at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, April 10, 2013.   (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

(Newser) – Support for a citizenship path for undocumented immigrants has reached 64%, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds. While 80% of Democrats and 54% of independents agree, Republicans are more divided, with 51% opposing the idea and 47% supporting it. That changed, however, when respondents were informed of fines, required back taxes, and background checks necessary for citizenship: Provided that information, some 76% of those polled—including 73% of Republicans—backed the idea. Evangelicals are embracing it, too.

Meanwhile, some 54% of Americans now say immigration strengthens the US; in 2010, only a minority was in agreement. In other poll data, 55% of Americans support stricter laws on gun sales, down from 61% in February, but in line with a January poll. The figures show a giant political gap: Some 82% of Democrats support tougher laws, compared to 27% of Republicans. Meanwhile, President Obama's approval rating has fallen to 47%, marking the first time since before the election that it's sunk below 50%, according to NBC News.

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Apr 11, 2013 2:41 PM CDT
I don't think people are thinking this one through. They are getting caught up in the emotion of the issue. We have millions of our own citizens without jobs and the left want to add to the dynamic by making 11 million others in the running for those jobs. Why are we putting the welfare of aliens above the welfare of our citizens who have a right to the system they live in. This is not going to end up good and these idiot Republicans think a single one of the Welfare Kings aka Mexicans are going to vote for them they are kidding themselves.
Apr 11, 2013 2:41 PM CDT
You do know how this is going to play out, don't you? By constantly harping on the "fines, required back taxes, and background checks necessary for citizenship" that illegals currently in the US will have to pay or navigate, Liberals and the press are wearing down the defenses of lawmakers and the public. Once that resistance has been sufficiently worn down, Obama and the rest of the "Beltway Bandits" will herald whatever piece of legislation finally makes it through Congress as a "just and humane" answer to the illegal immigrant issue. Then, after the euphoria fades, the REAL agenda will slowly be revealed. First, we will hear moans from "advocacy" groups that the fines and back taxes the illegals are supposed to pay present too much of a hardship. After all, how can one expect an immigrant working for subsistence wages to pay the fines laid down or the money they never paid in taxes over the last ( ________ insert number here) years? The hardship is too great and (wait for it ... ) it isn't FAIR! Once that argument has been bandied around and gained momentum, helped by news clips of "poor" immigrants with a houseful of children tearfully saying that they want to pay the fines and taxes but the cost is too much, a rising tide of (prearranged Liberal) voices will start calling for the repeal of the fines and back taxes. After months of in your face, heartrending stories the polls will start showing a growing number of people who have been "persuaded" that dropping the fines and taxes is the only fair thing to do. While all this is going on, and also as planned, the ACLU and other organizations will be arguing in court (both regular and public opinion) that the background checks are unconstitutional invasions of privacy or something along those lines. Then, as had always been the Liberal plan from the beginning, those requirements will be dropped and the true amnesty the Democrats and Liberals have wanted will be complete. Of course, there is an alternate to the fines and taxes scenario; here goes. The fines and taxes portion will go through, but once the Illegals (or accountants, social workers, whoever) file returns for all the years they have been here, it will be discovered that they were due REFUNDS. And since they would (have been) be liable for any back taxes owed, then the only (wait for it ...) FAIR thing to do would be to give them the refunds. And not just refunds on the money they made, but they will be eligible for the Earned Income Credit, Child Care Credit, etc, so when all is said and done, instead of money going into the Treasury, hundreds of millions of dollars will be paid to the "illegals", as had been the Liberal plan from the beginning. There may be slight differences in these scenarios to what actually occurs, but the ending will be the same; millions of newly minted citizens beholden to the Democrat Party. (edited for spelling and grammar)
Apr 11, 2013 12:56 PM CDT
Nope. The majority do NOT want a path to citizenship. Perhaps you polled a predominately Hispanic community? Or maybe Congress ?? - instead of the people legally residing in this country and feeling unrepresented?