Growing Threat to Medical Gadgets: Malware
FDA calls on manufacturers to devise security plans
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Jun 14, 2013 11:19 AM CDT
Medical devices are facing a threat from malware.   (Photo: Business Wire)

(Newser) – What happens when malware attacks the very devices keeping us healthy? The threat has the FDA concerned, the Wall Street Journal reports: "We are aware of hundreds of medical devices that have been infected by malware," says a senior official. Thus far, there haven't been any known deaths or injuries associated with the computer viruses, but the agency is urging device manufacturers to develop cyberattack security plans in their applications for FDA approval.

At least 327 VA hospital devices have been infected with malware since 2009, with more than 40 viruses attacking X-ray and lab gear from General Electric and Siemens, among other companies, the Journal reports. The widespread Conficker software hit 104 devices at a Florida facility; in Boston, a virus prompted a device to fire out patient information to external servers; a New Jersey catheterization lab was closed amid a malware attack on devices for opening blocked arteries. Increasingly computerized medical records are heightening concerns. Complicating the issue: Hospitals and manufacturers disagree over who should pay for fixes. Click through for the full piece.

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Jun 15, 2013 6:08 PM CDT
Moog: Take note.
Jun 15, 2013 2:40 PM CDT
This supports my theory from years ago. When Obamacare kicks in, these viruses, malware programs, etc, will conveniently strike the equipment of, oh, I don't know, many elderly and disabled who use a big portion of the money the govt doesn't have. You know, the portion of the population that some think are expendible and useless even though they are HUMAN BEINGS. All someone will have to do is click a button. Too many Liberals and Progressives, over time, have talked about the support of depopulation and even stated numbers: like if 90% of the population was gone, it would be better for everyone. Bill Gates (computer guru I want to stress), Ted Turner, and many other Liberals/Progs over time have commented about their theoretic support of depopulation (not sure if they support genocide or not, but who would admit that?). But what I expected was the RFID chip to be inserted into everyone's body and they get zapped that way. I never thought about a computer virus. So sending a virus from a US Govt-operated medical database's computer to your chip or your medical equipment that you're hooked up to will get the same result. And there are so many rumors about the RFID chip, that I believe the govt has had to find an alternate plan - viruses via medical equipment. Otherwise people might actually see a basis for the "conspiracy theorists" and anti-Obamites reasoning. And by publicizing the govt-created malware problem NOW makes a good cover for their intentions. People expect the outcome in advance, so they won't question the "sudden" problem right after Obamacare intallation has begun. Other possible targets: Christians (and at some point all non-Muslims once Islam takes over the US), caucasian-Americans, anyone criticizing the govt, "Islamophobes" (oh please) get the picture. I already think genocide has been going on in nursing homes - probably before Obama. There was a recent article about the decrease in the white population, for which there could be totally legit reasons, of course. But you can't prove otherwise if the numbers are decreasing in nursing homes, hospitals, whatever. It's easy to dismiss the deaths of ALL people (of any race really) who are older or have major health problems because you just attribute their death to their health problems, or "accidents" or "neglect". And that article ALSO comes at a time not far in advance of the Obamacare roll out. Who will miss millions of of caucasions when we have been told in advance that the numbers are dwindling. You'll just assume they are having as many kids, or that other races are having more, or the influx of immigrants (AND illegal ones). No one knows what's written in Obamacare and the Progs have made sure of that. And no one will be able to pinpoint the cause of this pending, underlying genocide because it will be random, and not all at once. A few Christians here, some Jewish there, a bunch of elderly, some handicapped, the occasional caucasian...who would ever know? Who can keep up with all the death and the statistics? Since Liberals are anti-capital punishment, the most obvious choice for genocide, the prison population, probably won't be affected. I say let's just get this over with and stop prolonging the inevitable demise of many HUMAN beings. I'm tired of the BS and I'm tired of waiting.
Jun 14, 2013 11:05 PM CDT
The Borg has landed.