New Conspiracy Theorists: Snowden Truthers
Is he a triple agent, a pawn, a plant ... or hiding secrets about UFOs?
By Ruth Brown,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 19, 2013 2:26 PM CDT
Edward Snowden: Who is he really? And what does he know about UFOs?   (AP Photo/The Guardian, File)

(Newser) – Edward Snowden: hero or traitor ... or part of a government conspiracy? As with every major political event these days, there is a group of Americans who see something more sinister behind the NSA whistleblower, and Salon rounds up some theories:

  • One of the most prominent is author, activist, and former Al Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf, who wrote a lengthy post on her Facebook page about her "creeping concern that the NSA leaker is not who he purports to be." She thinks he's too organized and level-headed to be a real whistleblower, and his soundbites "are the kinds of messages that the police state would LIKE journalists to take away."

  • Radio host and conspiracy theorist Webster Tarpley says that "the most likely hypothesis for Snowden is that he’s a triple agent" working for the CIA to "weaken Obama" and push him into attacking Syria.
  • Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport thinks the most likely scenario is that Snowden is just a pawn. "Snowden never saw any of those thousands of documents on an NSA computer. Never happened," he writes at Infowars. "Instead, he was either used or volunteered as a CIA operative to carry the endless turf war between CIA and NSA a new step forward."
  • Meanwhile, others believe his interview with the Guardian contains secret messages about UFOs. (You might have to play it backward, of course.)
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