Global Warming Is 'Paused': Scientists
But don't get too excited: It'll be back, they say
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Jul 23, 2013 10:03 AM CDT
In this July 10, 2008 photo, ice floes float in Baffin Bay above the arctic circle seen from the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Louis S. St-Laurent.   (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward)

(Newser) – Global warming has slowed down in the past decade or so: "Some people call it a slow-down, some call it a hiatus, some people call it a pause. The global average surface temperature has not increased substantially over the last 10 to 15 years," notes a scientist. That's true even though the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere keeps speeding up. We have the deep ocean to thank, experts say: It's acting as a massive heat sink.

The heat is shifting from the atmosphere down into the ocean, where it can't be tracked, they surmise. In other words, "It looks like the Earth is continuing to accumulate energy but it looks like it is being rearranged and hidden from view," an expert tells the Independent. Despite this pause, things will keep heating up, though on a slightly delayed schedule: The temperatures forecast for 2015 may not arrive until five or 10 years later, experts say, though the rise in temperatures across the century is poised to remain the same. So is the current East Coast-Midwest heat wave due to global warming, LiveScience asks? Tough to answer, say researchers, but "as the average temperature increases, these types of events become more frequent."

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Aug 4, 2013 3:44 AM CDT
Something like 98% of the models AGW advocates have used to try to convince the rest of us that dramatic action is needed NOW didn't predict this pause (and if the pause lasts another 5 years, the remaining 2% will be in trouble as well), but don't let that make you wonder if they really know what they're talking about or if we should be making policy decisions involving potentially hundreds of billions of dollars based on their say so -- you'll just be an evil, anti-science denier (probably in the pay of Big Oil) if you do.
Jul 30, 2013 12:42 PM CDT
Climate cycles come and climate cycles go. Always have and always will.
Jul 25, 2013 9:13 PM CDT
March 5, 2013: – Climate change has got its upside if you happen to own a shipping company. Researchers say that by 2050, the Arctic ice sheet will be weak enough for cargo ships to take the northern route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans without the aid of icebreakers, the Guardian reports. Ships with just moderate ice protection will be able to sail directly over the North Pole, making it a lot faster and cheaper to ship goods from China to Europe. Scientists, who studied seven different climate models, say it's too late to cut carbon emissions enough to prevent the change, the Telegraph reports. As big business spies new Arctic opportunities, environmentalists are campaigning to create a sanctuary in the region. The Arctic "is melting because of our use of dirty fossil fuel energy, and in the near future it could be ice-free for the first time since humans walked the Earth," Greenpeace's Save the Arctic petition states. "This would be not only devastating for the people, polar bears, narwhals, walruses, and other species that live there—but for the rest of us too," because the region's ice helps cool down the world by reflecting sunlight.