Government Shutdown Looms Again
Congress grapples with sequester as Washington budget war continues
By Kevin Spak, Newser User
Posted Aug 2, 2013 9:50 AM CDT
Mitch McConnell, accompanied by GOP leaders, talk to reporters, Aug. 1, 2013, after defeating a $54 billion funding bill for transportation, housing and community development grants.   (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

(Newser) – Ready for another shutdown showdown? Well tough, because Congress seems to be barreling toward yet another irreconcilable budget stalemate, the Washington Post reports. Lawmakers need to reach a deal on the budget and, particularly, the sequester cuts by Oct. 1, which is just three weeks after they return from August recess. And two votes this week made it look supremely unlikely they'd be able to. In one, Republicans refused to ditch the sequester cuts, and in the other they refused to support them.

First, Senate Republicans rejected a transportation bill co-written by Republican Susan Collins because it would have ignored the sequester's spending limits. "I truly don't know a path forward," Collins said. "This is so absurd." Then House Republicans canceled a vote on their own sequester-compliant transportation bill because it would have sacrificed too much. "What I fear is that we're going to again come to the edge of the cliff, and all of a sudden there's going to be these midnight meetings," said John McCain, one of eight Senate Republicans who's been meeting with President Obama to discuss the problem. He then joked, "It's always darkest before it's totally black."

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Aug 4, 2013 9:22 PM CDT
We need to shut down the idiots that are running the country into the ground. The government isn't doing its job. Just stay home, government, maybe we'll send you your paycheck, stay home, don't do anything, the country couldn't be run any worse without you.
Aug 4, 2013 1:14 PM CDT
Aug 4, 2013 12:07 AM CDT
The spending is, out of control. And so are politicians with executive power. To cut spending by cutting down military and NSA, well I think there is foolish waste, not so much spending would I say on the military. To cut spending there means to bring the troops home and end our war. But should we, is another story and issue. To cut them further while actively in combat, or even if we are truthfully and genuinely in threat of attack, is foolish. Cut this worthless inner military called DHS. It serves no purpose to the people for the people. None that we need. Cut some funds to groups of the inner sanctum like, NSA, for one, FBI CIA etc. etc., Cut them back, and END THE WAR, with full assurance that we can by whatever means. End it. Do it now and quit throwing money at it. Maybe then we can regroup and win this war of the economy. And why does FEMA, need so much authority being they are said to be a humanitarian effort group to aid in times of disaster. Make them just that, we already have a civil defense and police along with reserves and guard. While I understand it is not best to have all the eggs in one basket, why does FEMA need so many outposts across the country that are barbed wired facing inward like a holding facility? Costs un necessary money I believe. And though I do not believe they are there for the same reasons as the conspiracy theorists say, they are in fact there. To further force such an agenda of our infrastructure, to this absurdity, is part of the problem with govt spending. You have too many power hungry groups getting too much money which is in turn, power. Not only this, with the whole gun control effort, which is also another story and topical issue, but the un necessary spying on the citizens and taxpayers at that, it not only has really put a strain on the public trust of their politicians intentions, but also has caused such a scare of desperation to come from a total collapsed economy and govt. that they are spending on survival of the worst case scenario. This seeking total control is simply out of control and he who seeks such power is out of control. Do the math, does the fraction amount of trouble makers come close to the amount of law abiding citizens? Why then seek to strain that relationship by putting burden after burden and after scandal after scandal on the backs of the driving positive force of this country? Does it really matter when it comes down to two individuals of us small folk, if you are for this or that party? It is a huge poop sandwich, and we all have to take a bite. So I don't appreciate when some of you countrymen think too much of yourselves that you pass your portion to us. Congress and the entire govt must also take a bite. For all of us. Or, find a different way, but ignoring it, sidestepping it or playing slight of hand with it, does not make it go away, we have still, a crisis situation with the economy. And you people there in DC got the whole thing in a huge clogged mess. It is now time that you get up and do something about it besides showboating and passing the buck and blatantly lying to us. Pomp and arrogance go hand in hand and usually right before the fall. And all other sorts of scandalous crap like lying about a scandal, after committing one and then deny it is a scandal. And like thuggery establishing the bully groups like IRS with the power to enforce obamacare, and NSA and with aid of the other alphabet soup minions to brutally enforce the reaching into our pockets and personal lives like you have the right, we have the rights, the same you disregard. And we are hopeful, we obey the law, the same you exempt yourselves from. Now tell me again you don't think yourselves above us and in control of us, as if we are property to be owned. It would appear that we have become the commodity instead of the engine that produces it, in your eyes. If the subject of this plan of poverty on the people while you exclude yourselves, causes govt to come to a cliff, and causes a shutdown, maybe the subject should die on the floor. Any other solutions? We don't need more problems, we need solutions, we need results not excuses. We demand that our bill of rights stay intact and that we come to the agreement and decision that we are all in this vessel, together. If you won't eat it, don't feed it to us. We are after all, are the proud people of America and we will not grovel like dogs feeding on scraps from your table. We would in such crisis of starvation and depravity, take what is ours, rightfully. And any law the sets forth to criminalize us the citizens, would be ignored and cast down. You must understand that we own this, you work for us, now do what we hired you to do, or step aside. It is not yours to own outright. We do not have kings here, we have managers to manage our affairs. Unless you think you can escape embezzling our country, I suggest you do something right and truly for the benefit of the whole, for once. Obamacare is a tax on the people the people can not afford, I fear you will excite their anger after a few years and then there will be blood, for desperate situations call for desperate measures. America doesn't need a handout, we need a hand up. And we need to feel secure in our government and the fact that there are positive improvements ahead instead of lies now and gloom later, from a burden we can not bare long, and should not bare, if you yourselves are not willing. The world is watching, and don't under estimate them while they are friends, they want America too, careful not to knock us down too hard, or you will see the wolves gather around the weakling to divide the carcass, need I say it is a bloody process. You put too much stock in your relations with foreign troops on our soil.