NYC Driver Chased, Beaten by Biker Mob
Crowd of more than 30 bikers chased SUV driver for 4 miles
By Newsy, a Newser Video Partner
Posted Oct 1, 2013 8:28 AM CDT
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(Newser) – What started as a minor fender-bender between an SUV and a motorcycle on a New York City highway turned into chaos after the driver was reportedly surrounded and beaten by a mob of angry motorcyclists. And it was all caught on video by a biker’s helmet cam.

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Oct 3, 2013 6:06 AM CDT
I CAN'T FIND WORDS VILE ENOUGH FOR THESE PSYCHOTIC, SOCIOPATH ANIMAL FILTH SCUM!!! Beating this driver is only the tip of the iceberg for filth such as this, every twisted crime and sick, predatory behavior you could conceive of comes from these types!!! They are sadistic ANIMALS. It goes way, wayyyyy beyond ignorant and arrogant behavior....That's CHILD'S PLAY in comparison to what these filth bags like to do. This is nothing but the Crips or the Blood's or MS-13 on wheels. I guess walking from block to filthy urban scummy block pimping bitches, beating down their "property" (bitches), money laundering, drug kingpin-ning, recruiting young children and going on murderous rampages right, left and center was getting so passe. Hence, the need for wheels. Guess they figured if they'd be the black Hell's Angels. Filth-ridden, disgusting, vile, wretched violence-crazed APES.........noooooooo not because they're black but because they're EVIL THUGS and PSYCHOPATHS!! As the other guy said, I *so* fervently hope the NYPD or FBI confiscate and destroy, DIRECTLY in front of these scum filth JIZZ-bags faces EVERY SINGLE bike involved that day; utterly bankrupt this hive of violence and predation through asset seizure; prosecute to the fullest EVERY one of those present that day for attempted MANSLAUGHTER and ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, and as far as the two SOCIOPATHS who attacked the driver; charge and incarcerate them on FIRST-DEGREE ATTEMPTED MURDER!!! I have no DOUBT IN MY MIND, had they been able to and not stopped by the police, they would have GLEEFULLY AND FIENDISHLY KILLED THE DRIVE OF THAT VEHICLE. MURDER IS SPORT TO THESE DEMONS. PERIOD. MAY THEY ALL ROT AND DIE IN PRISON, BUT ONLY HAVING BEEN A$$-RAPED BY THEIR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD CELLMATE SO MANY TIMES THAT THEY LOSE COUNT. THAT WOULD ONLY *START* TO BE A FITTING PAYBACK FOR THE RAMPANT RAPE, TORTURE, BEATING, SEX-ENSLAVEMENT, MAYHEM AND NO DOUBT MURDER THAT THEY HAVE BROUGHT TO THE WOMEN THEY HAVE BEEN INVOLVED WITH, AND THE PUBLIC AT LARGE! IF ANYONE DOUBTS ME OR THINKS I'M BEING TOO HARSH, YOU ARE UTTERLY UNINFORMED ABOUT THE SEEDY, WHOLLY EVIL UNDERBELLY OF THESE CRIMINAL BIKER THUG GANGS AND THE WORLD THEY INHABIT. IT'S NOTHING BUT DEPRAVITY, CRIMINALITY AND SHEER EVIL. BURNING SLOWLY AT THE STAKE IS REALLY TOO GOOD FOR SOME OF THESE DEMONS, AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED.
Oct 2, 2013 3:07 AM CDT
"All I did was threaten his family, he didn't have to be mean to me"
Oct 2, 2013 2:33 AM CDT
Good, street justice is needed. You can't run over people in your SUV. Yes, these bikers have no right to block up the street. It's still not worth murdering people with your car. He got what he deserves.