GOP Shifts Focus From ObamaCare to Broader Deal
Boehner seeks 'grand bargain' to reopen government, raise debt ceiling
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Oct 4, 2013 7:36 AM CDT
House Speaker John Boehner arrives on Capitol Hill Thursday.   (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

(Newser) – As week one of the government shutdown comes to a close, you can pretty much scrap the idea that lawmakers will reach a deal to reopen it and then move on to the debt ceiling. It's clear that John Boehner has shifted strategy and now wants to negotiate one big deal to solve both problems at once—before the Oct. 17 default deadline, report the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. In other words, Republicans have put aside their single-minded focus to defund ObamaCare and now want to forge a deal—a "grand bargain," to use a familiar DC phrase—to reduce the size of government.

"ObamaCare's just part of it," says GOP Rep. Charles Boustany. "We're going to try to get what we can, but we understand that's the president's legacy. The bigger problem facing the country, in my mind, is the debt, and the fact that we have entitlement programs that are still growing without end in sight. And we need tax reform." The big hitch, of course, is that Republicans want to negotiate all this before the debt ceiling deadline, while the White House and Democrats insist that they'll negotiate only after Republicans raise the ceiling without conditions. (Reports surfaced yesterday that Boehner wants to avoid a default at all costs, even if it means striking a deal with Democrats.) So what next? House Republicans meet today, though "honestly, I don't know what we're going to do," Rep. Mike Simpson tells the Hill. One bit of good news for the 800,000 furloughed federal workers: Lawmakers are poised to make sure they get paid retroactively, reports the Washington Post.

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Oct 4, 2013 11:04 PM CDT
I think that after all John is coming out and the picture he is painting it would be a good fix. They have to return to government size as it was under Clinton and quit with those handouts. Everyone's healthcare insurance will double or triple so this will not fly and they have to defund Obamacare and finish all that circus because we were lied to by democrats. My wife's insurance will double my daughters insurance will triple. She was paying $120/mo and now they want $300/mo, so what the Hell is that. They both will have to quit the jobs. This suppose to be capitalism and in capitalism you have to work to have food on the table and shelter, not that is handed to you by government. What to Hell is that. Rhaus, weg mit deine Obamacare, das ist capitalism not Soviet Union.
Oct 4, 2013 11:03 AM CDT
TRUTH BE TOLD.. Why? .. can't Congress and Obama make the "Grand Bargain" to solve all of Americas budgets? Boehner and the Republicans want to pass, a "Grand Bargain" budget bill .. to end stop-gap measures, and funding fights, but nobody can get the dithering Obama (the educated fool) .. to take his finger out of his a$$ .. to sign a deal. If they could stop the (educated fool) Obama's finger? .. (if it doesn't smell right, he won't sign it?) .............. REALLY
Oct 4, 2013 10:18 AM CDT
(R) 2016 Gov. RICK PERRY Report: Yeah, House Speaker John Boehner is dealing with an Obama's Empty-Shell government, Republicans & TEA give Democrats an inch of forbearance, then Obama wants more another foot, tough job ! Have they (the Democrats) turn on the counterfeit printer yet to start printing Cash if Capital Hill don't want the Default happened at all cost. Saudi Arabia and other Arab League are Republican Conservative(s) 2016 RICK PERRY presidency's good old friends, we Republicans WILL NOT throw any banana peel on the (congress) floor to let our old friend Saudi Arabia to step on Obama's banana peel for sure. Talk about House Speaker John Boehner & TEA, Republicans have to defense 7 millions+ of American households who cannot afford Obamacare and will face Obama's penalty if we Republican & TEA fail to detete the tax code to avoid Obamacare.