Church-Goers May Have Been Exposed to Hepatitis A
Bishop returned from Europe with the ailment, say health officials
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Posted Oct 26, 2013 8:43 AM CDT
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(Newser) – Hundreds of North Dakota Catholics might have been exposed to hepatitis A—by a bishop. The Department of Health is warning people at five North Dakota Catholic churches they might have been exposed to the virus during communion over the last few weeks. Officials have determined Bishop John Folda returned from Rome with the liver infection. The good news is that the risk is relatively low.

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Oct 28, 2013 9:39 AM CDT
Wow, I came into the crowded living room of a bunch of lunatics. I am happy at home !!
Oct 27, 2013 1:37 PM CDT
Dear Newser bloggers, I am a highly-evolved, rational, secular, humanistic, big government bureaucratic scientist who determines your food labeling requirements. As one of the enlightened dispensers of rational wisdom, I determine that your primitive superstitions and fears regarding irradiated food are unfounded and therefore of no concern to you via labeling requirements. Likewise, any concerns regarding GMO’s or transgenic ingredients in your food (if an allergenic protein from wheat, soy, shellfish, or peanuts are slipped into your food via another plant and ingredient name) are silly and primitive. Any potential resultant adverse allergic responses are well within our pre-defined tolerances for numbers of individuals affected. Finally, any potential carcinogens or industrial chemicals can be provided to you under the subterfuge of artificial flavors and/or colors or we can further obfuscate under labeling “natural and/or artificial ingredients” so you won’t even know! If we want you to consume “essence of beaver butt” under the guise of “natural vanilla flavor”, then so be it. Because I have no morals to follow (because these are based on nonsensical “sacred or religious texts”), I have no real interest or concern for your well-being (after all “altruism” is really just genetic garbage), nor do I have any need to assign to you any intrinsic value or self-worth as we are all just masses of tissue (you just made it through the birth canal, unlucky you). While I realize that there will be some cancers, premature deaths, illness, and disease from these decisions, they have been carefully calculated based on risk assessments, economic, political, liability, personal and corporate culpability decisions (so that you won’t know who was responsible for your cancer or harm to your health, if and when it occurs). After all, we are all evolving and species go extinct all the time, (in fact most of them do), and we believe in the “survival of the fittest”. Some of you will survive, produce viable offspring, and the species will be the better for it! I and my fellow secular, humanistic, scientific friends use the same rational approach to determine your exposures to similar chemicals in the air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the chemicals in the clothes that you wear, and in your workplace, houses, and children’s schools. WE are your secular, humanistic gods! P.S. Just be glad that we aren’t some of those silly, emotional, empathetic, compassionate Christians making ignorant decisions regarding your health based on some silly book about concern for your neighbor. We weeded THEM out of our scientific societies based on their primitive beliefs in a divinely created, orderly world. We also weeded them out of our public schools and universities years ago by purging “their book” and banishing all mention of their beliefs and those silly prayers. After all, you proved them to be primitive, evil, wicked, useless, and hypocritical in your Newser discussion forums years ago! (Disclaimer: this is hypothetical and sarcastic of course, not intended to accurately depict or represent any person living or dead, and any such resemblance is merely coincidental).
Oct 26, 2013 9:42 PM CDT
The magic jesus shield seems to be on the blink. Its as if god doesn't exist.