Facebook Keeps Tabs on Your Deleted Posts

Company tracks instances of 'self-censorship'

By Newsy, a Newser Video Partner

Posted Dec 16, 2013 8:41 AM CST
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(Newser) – Many of us have been there: You have a huge fight with your friend, and you need a place to vent. You log on to Facebook and begin to type out all the emotions you're feeling, and right as you're about to click the post button, logical thought kicks in and you delete the message. No harm done, right? You were able to vent, your friend isn't hurt, and no one knows you typed the message in the first place. Unfortunately, that's not the case. According to a report by Slate, Facebook keeps a tally of every deleted post. The social network calls these deleted posts "self-censorship," and it's interested in how, why, and what we choose to censor. What's the point of tracking this information? Every post that fails to make it on the website is another wasted opportunity for Facebook to make money. Newsy reports:

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