How to Have a Happier Marriage: Don't Have Kids?
Study finds child-free couples report more satisfying relationships
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Jan 13, 2014 2:45 PM CST

(Newser) – One way to keep the love alive in your marriage? A new study out of Britain suggests not having kids could do the trick. Research by Open University has found that childless people reported having better, happier, more fulfilling relationships and feeling more valued by their partners, the Telegraph reports. The child-free also reported taking more time to "maintain" their connection, through things like "date nights" and, you know, just talking.

But if you're not so concerned with your romantic relationship, consider this: When subjects in the study were asked to rate overall happiness with their lives, mothers were found to be the happiest group—even if their romantic relationships were less than perfect, the Guardian notes—and women with no children were found to be the least happy. The findings were flipped when it came to men: Men without kids were slightly happier than men with them.

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Jan 15, 2014 11:27 AM CST
Oh come on...the average marriage in 1880 lasted 12 years and ended with the death of one of the partners. A time period with little divorce. With better health, we have what we have today--mixed results as we live longer. This divorced guy is very happy with his two adult daughters. Folks grow at different rates and crap happens. There is no magic formula, only people who try to do it right and folks that ignore things. Good marriages happens when luckily both are on the same page.
Jan 15, 2014 7:33 AM CST
So this also explains the single mother explosion in this country. Even if poor, women are happier with children than a man. I understand that. Men think they are entitled to special treatment just because they are men, they expect the lions share of the money earned no matter who earns it, they expect to be allowed to have their "moods", and when they get angry they hit us. Women with no children are in a much better position to leave one of these men too. We don't need a study. Only common sense.
Jan 15, 2014 4:54 AM CST
While generalizations that apply to all are not correct, however, one fact is there though most wouldn't admit in the west. It is seen trendy and progressive to talk down family life, kids and it seems trendy to promote a couple (or Double Income No Kids) lifestyle. Admit it. Anyone extolling the virtues of a child is seen as 'oh so last century' just like a woman 'who might love to cook' could be seen as 'unambitious and anti feminist'. I not only continue to have a great relationship with my wife after kids but both me and my partners have kids to expand our capacity to feel love. Many a day I come back from a tired day and I light up on seeing my kid and it makes both my wife and I feel in seventh heaven. Strange as it seems kids contribute in keeping ourselves happy. and it is no big calculation that happy couples make for great relationships with each other. Also, we had heard so much about parents feeling kids are a burden. My wife and I found it highly over-rated. Changing a diaper isn't a big deal and takes ten seconds. If you really hate doing that then I wonder how you do happiness wise when you go to the bathroom yourself in the morning. Surely this can't be a reason to feel unhappy or happy. While I will stop short of the 'preachy' statements like 'kids create fulfillment' etc however, in general, the more the merrier is a good rule to go by and lonely couples do need the occasional someone in a different age group to infuse some silly fun back into the sitting room and dinner table. Anyone who thinks kids are silly are too serious in life and too serious types are usually the happiest lot. You need to act silly once in a while to feel the magic of this world. Kids are the happiest human beings without a reason (anyone who doesn't believe this fact?) and there is something in watching a 2 year old jump around with joy every morning feeling like she owns the happiest corner of this planet while the rest of us adults around feeling miserable as we expect so much from each other and the world. Kids teach a lot but the simplest lesson is to stay happy for nothing (oh, now I sound preachy. sorry).