Lefty Women Die Younger

Stunner Dutch study shows 70% higher risk of dying from cancer
By Colleen Barry,  Newser Staff
Posted May 2, 2007 12:01 PM CDT
Left hand   (KRT Photos)

(Newser) – Left-handed women have a dramatically higher risk of mortality from just about every disease, a new study reported in the Telegraph shows. Dutch researchers who followed more than 12,000 women for nearly 13 years found lefties had a 40% greater chance of dying from any cause, 70% higher from cancer, and 30% higher from circulatory diseases.

Studies linking handedness and mortality have been spurred by the theory that being left handed is the result of damage to a fetus in utero, which could also account for steeper mortality rates. But there are nay-sayers: "I doubt that my left hand is prematurely pulling me toward my grave," says one environmental health scientist, a leftie.