Anti-Vaccine Believers Give Diseases New Life
Officials in US, Canada emphasize need for vaccines
By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff
Posted Apr 6, 2014 3:35 PM CDT

(Newser) – If only Kathryn Riffenburg had gotten a booster shot during pregnancy, her son might have lived. But the baby got whooping cough, and was so badly swollen that his burial at nine weeks of age—in a white baptismal suit and hat—was in a closed casket. "It just seemed like it was impossible," said 31-year-old Riffenburg, who didn't know about getting revaccinated. And she's not alone: Recent measles outbreaks in three states show what might happen on a bigger scale if enough people refuse vaccinations, some for philosophical and religious reasons, USA Today reports.

Fewer than 1% of Americans avoid all vaccines, but the anti-vaccine movement has grown thanks to celebrity endorsements and the debunked notion that vaccines cause autism. Some states have responded by making it harder to get vaccine exemptions, and doctors in one Virginia town are refusing to take new patients who won't vaccinate their children. In Canada, officials are linking two disease outbreaks to Dutch Reformers and Mennonites, who refuse vaccinations, the National Post reports. But 19 US states allow "personal belief" exemptions, reports Guardia, and anti-vaccine advocates are standing firm: "I wasn't scared by it," says a Tampa, Fla., mother whose three kids all recovered from whooping cough. "Infectious diseases do help children strengthen their bodies."

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Elizabeth Hensley
Apr 9, 2014 9:28 PM CDT
Google Autism + Sick Monkeys. When the same kind of Macaque Monkeys that are used to test the safety of individual vaccines are injected with multiple vaccines the exact same way we do our Kids at Doctor's visits, (except adjusted downwards for Monkey sized doses) they develop the same social problems that many Autistics have and the same, VERY painful gut problems that right now have me wanting to pound my head against a wall to distract myself from the pain! (Many Autistics do that!) Guts are lined with the same kind of neurons that brains have. It is where we get "gut instincts." We Autistics don't have that "snake brain within," or ours malfunction because they have been damaged. One or two vaccines in older kids may be a good idea but they are being way overdone and have way too many additives that should not be in them and are only in them to make them cheaper for Big Pharma to ship, store and sell. If vaccines were made up fresh and did not contain many of the additives some of the damage could be avoided so there is a "Green our Vaccines" movement starting. They are also being over-given, as with the Macaque monkey study I mentioned above. Our brave little soldiers aren't always up to fighting all the battles in all the wars at once and the casualties for our trying to make them do so are getting way too high! We need to go back to other methods of disease fighting such as quarantining during outbreaks. There HAS to be other solutions! I know someone who had a baby die in his arms right after a vaccine. Babies who receive the hepatitis B vaccine right after birth require more special education services than those who do not. If children receive all their flu shots as recommended that ONE source will put them WAY over the amount of exposure to mercury that is considered safe by the EPA! There are videos on Youtube that show what exposure to mercury does to brain neurons. Go look for yourselves! But vaccines also have cadmium, lead, aluminum, aborted fetal cells and the brain cell killing, "natural substance" Glutamate, under one of its 40 other names the FDA allows it to be listed in foods, shots and IVs: "Hydrolyzed Protein." Big Phama is now selling Autistic individuals expensive Glutamate blockers to stop some of our brain damage and rage reactions. But they claim injecting this very same chemical into us as babies and terrified, struggling children won't cause us any harm! (The US military shows when individuals are stressed chemicals can cross the blood brain barrier that otherwise cannot!) In the past Autistic individuals such as Beethoven, Sir Isaac, Newton, Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Madam Curie, Nikola Tesla and many others contributed greatly to society. Autistics are born not made. But what is being done to us these days is turning Einsteins into Rainmen so we are being damaged before we can give our wonderful gifts to the World and who knows what this has cost society? We really do not have an Autism Epidemic but an epidemic of very sick Autists. Autism Speaks "final solution" is to come up with a genetic test so we can be aborted! If that happens say "goodbye" to much of Humanity's future Geniuses! A better solution would be to change policies and products so they quit making us sick! That of course will cost Big Industry big bucks. So they really want us to just go away! But we are as Canaries in the coal mine. This generation it is mostly just Autistics getting sick due to our Glutathione deficient livers and our more vulnerable immune systems. But as things get more polluted and we live more and more unnaturally, next generation it will be other genetic types also getting sick, and then others, and then others and so forth. The time to change course is now! I remember myself being damaged permanently by shots. I knew it had happened to me and I knew it before anyone else would admit this to me. I was only a toddler at the time and everyone was telling me they were good for me but I knew myself before and after and I knew I wasn't the same anymore mentally or emotionally. I am still very bright but my health is so poor it severely limits how I can contribute and I have some serious learning disabilities that got in the way of my education as well as socializing. Do some googling and learn the facts for yourself from people who have been through the problems vaccines cause! Don't just take Big Pharma's word for it! Best way to op out of vaccines is get a religious exemption. That shouldn't be the only way, but it is the easiest.
Chris Farley
Apr 8, 2014 7:39 AM CDT
So just an opinion, but most would agree that the use of antibactirials and antibiotics led to super bugs in hospitals and whatnot. Or the bug that survives will be stronger and immune to the treatement. Are vaccines doing the same thing? Will a point come that a Flu or something so strong that no vaccine will help as the flu or bug was created from saturation. and again, I would look at the ahmish communities for reference. No modern medicine outside of emergencies.
Arthur Machado
Apr 8, 2014 4:49 AM CDT
The woman should be charged with negligent homicide or manslaughter.