Parents Decide Not to Separate Conjoined Twins
They share a heart, and surgery would be dangerous
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Apr 25, 2014 2:41 PM CDT
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(Newser) – Andrew Donovan Lee and twin brother Garrett Lee Donovan Stancombe are only 2 weeks old, but they've already defied some pretty big odds, reports WTAE. The brothers are conjoined twins connected from the breastbone to the waist. Doctors in Indiana, Pa., weren't sure the brothers would make it, but they were healthy enough to go home four days later. Parents Michelle Van Horne and Kody Stancombe have decided not to separate the brothers because they don't want to risk losing one or both in surgery.

"We've discussed it and we see the best is to keep them together," says mom. "They were born together, they can stay together." The twins share a heart, which would make surgery especially difficult, notes CNN. And even without surgery, it's not clear what their life expectancy is. "They could be with us here tomorrow and gone the next second," Van Horne tells CBS Pittsburgh. "A month down they could be gone. They could turn into teenagers. We don’t know and that’s the difficulty." (Last month, a very rare set of conjoined twins were born.)

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Apr 28, 2014 1:28 PM CDT
I have been praying for wisdom about this situation. As badly as I may understand, and as defectively as I try to please him, God is appreciative of my efforts, no matter what. I can "approach the throne of grace boldly" and ask for ANYTHING, no matter how stupid or wrong, and God listens to me. Then I can always count upon him to do the right thing. Sometimes, he even gives me the stupid thing I ask for and straightens it out. Otherwise, he says no, and I am eventually grateful, because I find out how awful life would have been if he had given me what I had asked. This is what I believe I have been shown about this horrible situation. If left to live, the lives of the children described are total torture. Therefore, the choice of the parents is the correct one about not trying to separate them. Maybe they are praying for their deaths as soon as possible. Did and does God kill people? Yes. But he has the right to do that. Why? Because he made us and knows everything about us. Every human soul that ever lived and will live. Read Psalm 139: 3-5. Did some people, as reported in the Bible kill people? Yes, but they were in error. It was still reported as some things God supposedly told them to do. Why? I believe it is because no matter how badly we mess up and misinterpret God, he loves us perfectly. We actually make God suffer, but because of his perfection, he forgives us. Perfectly. If you don't believe this, read the histories in the Bible. Every biblical person who is depicted as a hero was basically a bad person whom God loved, forgave, and straightened out their messes. Let's talk about perfect love. Isn't it even popular to believe in such things as "tough love" and "letting [him/her] go"? And why do we believe these things? I would like to think it shows a respect for the beloved's integrity of choice. God did not make humans to be robots or livestock. He gave us a certain amount of free will to choose him or not. When we decide to not choose him, we proceed to make choices of web entanglement to the point of slavery. Here is a scenario I saw on TV not too long ago: the daughter of a policeman became totally unhinged because he was too immersed in his profession to pay her any attention. So when she grew up she became a street walking prostitute and drug user to the point she eventually murdered her own mother. The father, (who found out she is not even biologically his) still loves her and wants to help her. The daughter will probably never accept him. The daughter will never enjoy the redemption of being restored to her father and get a chance to lead a happy life. Never. But the father still and always will still love her. My point is: allowing something evil is not the same as "tacitly approving" something evil. It is practicing the almost perfection of letting someone go.
Crazy Horse
Apr 28, 2014 7:45 AM CDT
On the seventh day when God rested, he went out golfing and he hasn't been back to the office since.
Apr 26, 2014 3:40 PM CDT
According to the video, the twins share a heart and liver, but are otherwise separate, including having two sets of legs, arms, etc. I suspect they have separate lower torsos. They're called "truly inspiring" by the TV talking head. Inspiring what, I wonder? They appear to be facing one another, connected at the torso. There really can't lead separate lives. Other conjoined twins that have grown up together are usually side by side. These twins share both liver and heart. I don't believe separating is possible. Since euthanasia is out of the question at this point, maybe the parents have no choice but to accept. I can't begin to imagine what they're going through. I am pro-choice… since these conjoined twins were identified early in the pregnancy… I know what I would have done. But choice is just that… choice, and it's not my place to tell others what they must do.