Teens' Latest Cheap Buzz: Lip Balm ... on the Eyelid
Apparently the peppermint oil leads to a brief high
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Posted Apr 26, 2014 8:00 AM CDT
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(Newser) – Some teens really will come up with any way to get a buzz. The latest weird and potentially dangerous trend: "beezin," or applying Burt's Bees lip balm to your eyelids for a brief high thanks to the peppermint oil it contains. Experts say the practice could lead to a number of eye problems, and could even spread herpes to the eye.

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Teens' Latest Cheap Buzz: Lip Balm... on the Eyelid is...
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Apr 26, 2014 7:04 PM CDT
Among other things, something of an inevitability, hordes of individuals making stupid jokes and individuals who condemn warning parents about this because it supposedly spreads the information around the world, as if kids won't already do that! A significant point. Newsy treats this is something to be reproachful about as teens “coming up with any way to get a buzz”. Marijuana produces more than a buzz, but that is stoutly defended if not promoted on Newser. Shills for the principle of universal addiction will “argue” that the balm technique is harmful but marijuana is not. The perennial lie, invoking the idea that “the Constitution lets you do anything you want” or “marijuana just makes you feel good, it doesn't make you do anything wrong”. Consider the “most innocent” situation involving marijuana. A student comes home after a day at class, they do their study and work, they carry out errands and chores, then they take a dose of marijuana and spend the rest of the evening in a semi stupor. Instead of doing anything to improve themselves more than is programmed by the school, instead of following up on an interest, instead of bettering their surroundings, instead of increasing their abilities in areas constructive for the spirit or society not on the curriculum, finding new things, discovering new things, creating new things. Just doing the bare minimum, then vegetating, because recreational marijuana is just vegetating. Basically, they are setting themselves up to be the perfect drones for the New World Order. Do what is required of you, carry out minor projects for personal survival, then indulge a wanton and all encompassing desire for diversion of the most mindless kind. Don't do anything to make yourself better than the thugs controlling your schedule. See zoning out as preferable to self improvement and advancing the welfare of the world around you. With video games and “reality television” alone, so many people's lives are no better than that! Recreational marijuana only brings it to a new level of turpitude and self betrayal. And, then, the less innocent scenario of someone simply lollygagging through their day, doing very little if anything, just concentrating on the next dose. No thoughts, no initiative, no creativity, just a lust for the drug. There is no situation in which recreational marijuana is not a facilitator of wholesale personal destruction.
Apr 26, 2014 5:32 PM CDT
There's a ton of peppermint growing on the side of my house. I hope the DEA doesn't catch wind.
Apr 26, 2014 2:25 PM CDT
My mother once talked about how in her "day" friends were the "Bee's knees." Are the flapper days coming back? Only like all trends, slightly off? I've been a peppermint oil user for years, as in toothpaste and maybe a drop straight once in a while for upset stomach out of my cooking stash. But eye lids?