Couple May Have Buried $2.7M in Coins, Says FBI
Romanians built huge shelter in Washington state
By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff
Posted May 8, 2014 2:44 AM CDT
Updated May 8, 2014 4:03 AM CDT
Radu and Diana Nemes are seen in these photos provided by Interpol.   (Interpol)

(Newser) – A Romanian couple are being sent back to their homeland to be questioned over alleged tax evasion—and authorities suspect they are leaving $2.7 million in "buried treasure" behind in Washington state. The FBI arrested Radu and Diana Nemes in March and discovered they owned six properties in the state, including one where a "fully stocked doomsday bunker" had been built, NBC News reports. Neighbors said they had helped the couple bury and dig up gold coins on the property, and FBI forensic accountants who compared the recovered coins against the Nemes' known purchases say $2.6 million in gold coins and $126,000 in silver are still unaccounted for.

Federal agents say they found the underground bunker on a 57-acre property where the couple, who have two children and a third on the way, were building a $3 million log cabin. The bunker, whose steel doors could be sealed from the inside, "could comfortably have housed the entire family for months if not years, given the supply of food found in storage in that structure," the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The Nemes are in federal custody and will soon be deported to Romania, where they are accused of making millions off a tax-evasion scheme involving the sale of what they told the Romanian government was a lower-grade fuel but was actually diesel. They moved to the US in 2012, just in advance of charges being filed back home. FBI agents, meanwhile, have used ground-penetrating radar to search for the buried treasure without success.

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May 9, 2014 11:45 AM CDT
Where did taxes come from? From the private for profit banking cartel. Is it legal? Not from what the original Constitution says. Why do governments tax you in so many ways, to funds their life styles & retirements & elite medical care. Who do our Lawyer-Politicians really represent, the masses or corporations? Corporations/Bankers/agencies made up of non elected who's main goals is to steal your savings & property by making laws that are illegal. Ask yourself, if you worked hard & tried to keep in the family like the elites have done for the last 500 of years, why do they get to keep their wealth & you don't? If the elites get their wealth by making laws that do not apply to them, why the hell should these laws apply to you? Elites have a law that protects their wealth, what do you have? No one who stands up for your rights. Will a government lie to steal your property & wealth? If you say no, you are a part of the problem that has been played out since the Civil War, The Act Of 1871, the Federal Reserve Act, & the illegal act that put the IRS in place, making slavery in place, usury is slavery, illegal wars funded by the ESF congress made law in 1934. Now wars are just paid for by tax payers in blood & money. I hope these people never lose their gold or silver because the leaders have stolen more than enough to rebuild this nation & most of Europe, but the bankers, corporations, Lawyer-Politicians have stash multi trillions in off shore accounts so they will not have to pay taxes on none of it, no matter how they got it, legal or illegal! Jefferson was right & watch as the corporations & banksters end up with all the wealth & property, what will be left for your children? A slave camp?
May 9, 2014 1:35 AM CDT
All these tales of buried gold coins all over the place, and I only find one.
May 8, 2014 11:18 PM CDT
Nice to see how effective our immigration laws keep out undesirables Wonder how many of our taxes were avoided since they've been here. .