Obama, Clinton Spar on Iran, Gas

Dems hit competing morning talk shows
By Caroline Zimmerman,  Newser User
Posted May 4, 2008 1:56 PM CDT

(Newser) – Obama likened Hillary's stance on Iran to George Bush's "cowboy diplomacy" on Meet the Press today, while Clinton took to ABC to defend the gas tax and told voters mired in the Jeremiah Wright controversy "We should move on." Tim Russert ignored her advice, however, and devoted his first 18 minutes to the pastor, reports the New York Times. “Obviously, it’s distracted us,” Obama admitted.

Clinton's call to "totally obliterate" Iran if it planned an attack on Israel is "not the language we need right now," Obama told Russert. Meanwhile, Clinton told George Stephanopoulos that economists' opposition to the gas tax reflected an "elite opinion" that wouldn't benefit "hard-working Americans." One Obama supporter begged to differ: "I do feel pandered to. Call me crazy but I actually listen to economists," she told Hillary.