McCain Doesn't Send Email: So What?

Obama's attacks on Mac ignore injuries that keep him from typing
By Harry Kimball,  Newser Staff
Posted Sep 13, 2008 4:35 PM CDT

(Newser) – Barack Obama's attempt to slam John McCain for his lack of email and computer knowledge is ridiculous, Jonah Goldberg writes in the National Review. Not only is McCain unable to type because of war injuries, but his exaggerated ignorance of the Internet pales in comparison to Obama’s inexperience in foreign policy.

“In a similar vein,” Goldberg writes, “I guess it's an outrage that the blind governor of New York David Paterson doesn't know how to drive a car. After all, transportation issues are pretty important.” While Goldberg doesn’t blast Obama's lack of military experience, he writes that it does highlight the candidate's hypocrisy: “I mean which prepares someone to be commander in chief better, hitting 'send' on AOL or fighting a war?”