Sorry, Pops, Lily Allen Ain't My Mouthpiece

Mockney posturing does not make her an expert on gang violence
By Victoria Floethe,  Newser User
Posted Dec 21, 2008 12:07 PM CST

(Newser) – British pop singer Lily Allen can carry a cute tune, but "spokesperson for her generation"? Puh-leeze, Emily Hill writes in Spiked. Allen's first album, Alright, Still, "soundtracked a summer," inspiring middle-aged music hacks to praise her and London Mayor Boris Johnson to ask for her insight into gang violence. But Allen is just "a middle-class white girl" whose education has insulated her "from 93% of the population," writes Hill.

"None of the disgusting shamminess of it all has registered with your dad," writes Hill, who notes that Allen has a new album coming out. "Or whichever else of your relatives uses the Observer Music Monthly as a crib sheet. Lily was back on the cover this month with even fewer interesting things to say than first time round, when (a critic) solemnly transcribed all her vacuous soundbites with no hint of natural gag reflex."