Exploring the Two Sides of India

A trip home reveals a society of extreme wealth and extreme poverty
Culture clashes abound as impoverished shanty towns develop in the shadow of new, high tech skyscrapers in the streets of Dehli.   (John Hill; Wikimedia Commons)

(Newser) – The Delhi area is a microcosm of India, torn between urban sprawl and utter poverty. Endless construction, skyscrapers, highways, condos, and shopping malls share the city with naked children rummaging through garbage for food. Pasha Malla of the Morning News returns to his ancestral home on a mission to visit Kashmir and encounters the two sides of Indian life.

His well-heeled cousins go to five-star hotels and nightclubs. They live in gated communities, schmooze with famous cricket players and Bollywood starlets, and drink prizewinning wine. Their lifestyle obscure the shantytowns and hardship that equal daily life for the bulk of India's population. “These people making money don’t know what to do with it,” a relative explains.