Pretty Faces Make Profitable Sororities

DePauw Delta Zeta purge of non-white members was a business decision
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(Newser) – An Indiana sorority that elicited national outrage for kicking out 23 overweight or non-white members did so not just for "Aryan uniformity" but for the sake of the almighty dollar, writes the New Republic's Alexandra Robbins. The DePauw University's flagging Delta Zeta chapter believed that a prettier sisterhood would attract more women—and their money.

"The historically white national sororities, which once viewed themselves as social and service clubs, have turned into businesses, with money and image as their bottom lines," Robbins says. "By telling the Delta Zeta national office that it is no longer welcome on campus because of the way it treated DePauw's students, DePauw could set a standard for other schools."