Bloomberg: Geithner's 'the Guy I Would Want'

Frank: Let's sue AIG; Gregg: Congress unruly
By Wesley Oliver,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 22, 2009 11:17 AM CDT

(Newser) – Amidst calls for his ouster, Timothy Geithner can bank on big name supporters: Arnold Schwarzenegger told NBC’s Meet the Press he has confidence in the embattled Treasury secretary, while Michael Bloomberg added that Geithner “is exactly the guy that I would want.” On Fox News Sunday, Christina Romer called demands for Geithner’s dismissal “really silly.”

AIG rage boomed across the Sunday talk show landscape today:

  • Bloomberg advised leaders to stop fixating over the scandal's "publicity issues" and focus on improving liquidity, lending, and spending in the markets.
  • Barney Frank suggested on CBS's Face the Nation that Washington sue AIG to recover its money.
  • On CNN's State of the Union, Judd Gregg accused Congress of "grabbing its pitchforks and charging up the hill and abusing what is a core authority of government: the authority to tax its people."
  • Susan Collins told ABC's This Week she was wary of the House's "clawback" bill to recoup the bonuses. "I've got my doubts whether that's the best way to do this," she said.
  • Despite all the rancor, Joe Biden's chief economic adviser said President Obama "has not said he won't sign that bill."