Panda Attacks Zookeeper

This bamboo is tasty, but I prefer human flesh
Giant Panda Lan Zai, who attacked a zookeeper during feeding time, relaxes at a zoo in Lanzhou, in China's northwestern Gansu Province, Sunday, Aug. 5, 2007. The zookeeper needed more than 100 stitches...   (Associated Press)
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(Newser) – A zookeeper in northwestern China needed more than a hundred stitches after being scratched and bitten by a panda. The keeper was feeding the 2-year-old from outside the cage when the lovable bear grabbed his arms and started biting. The panda—Lan Zai —had recently been transferred from another zoo, and wasn't yet used to the keeper.

He was not adjusting well to a drier climate, the wounded zookeeper said, and had refused to eat for several days. Last October, a panda cub bit off part of an American tourist's thumb. And a month before that, a drunken Chinese tourist bit a panda in the Beijing Zoo after jumping in the cage and trying to hug it. That makes  the pandas ahead, two bites to one.