YouTube Video Catches Lake Champlain 'Monster'

By Kevin Spak,  Newser User

Posted Jun 5, 2009 9:45 AM CDT
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(Newser) – A cell phone video has revived the legend of “Champ,” the monster long rumored to reside in Lake Champlain, ABC News reports. Nessie’s less-famous North American cousin has been spotted 300 times, if you believe the locals, but only photographed once before, in 1977. The new video shows an indistinct black shape swimming across the water, then diving under it.

Cryptozoologists are ecstatic. “If this pans out, this will be the most convincing moving picture of this creature,” said one specializing in lake monsters. But skeptics abound. Local biologists think it’s likely a deer or moose. Even the video’s poster isn’t convinced. He recently disabled comments on YouTube. “I put this up because it was strange,” he wrote, “not because I think it is ‘Champ.’”

Is it the Champ?
Is it the "Champ"?
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From videographer: I shot this video (with cellphone) of SOMETHING in the lake at Oakledge Park on Sunday (05/31/09) early am. Was anyone else out and about around Oakledge who saw this as well?   (fletcheroVT)

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Anytime anyone sees anything that they can't identify on the lake, it becomes Champ. - Ben Radford, managing editor of The Skeptical Inquirer and co-author of
Lake Monster Mysteries

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