AT&T Slims Down Mammoth iPhone Bills

Online summaries will replace hefty paper records
By Sam Biddle,  Newser Staff
Posted Aug 23, 2007 6:14 PM CDT

(Newser) – AT&T will no longer mail out meticulously itemized iPhone bills after receiving a wave of complaints from consumers, some of whom had received bills tens—or even hundreds—of pages long. The bills listed each and every data transfer charge, the Times reports, even though iPhones come with an unlimited data plan.

“It’s nonsense," complained one blogger who received a 64-page bill weighing half a pound. "Ninety-five percent of the bill is just page after page of 1K data transfers, all with a charge of zero." An AT&T spokesman said the company already planned switch to online summaries and decided to do so immediately after the outcry.