Beck Dons GDR Getup: Too Timid to Do Nazi?

Host scales new heights of stupidity for cover of Arguing With Idiots
By Rob Quinn,  Newser Staff
Posted Sep 5, 2009 6:20 AM CDT
The cover of Glenn Beck's new book.   (Amazon)

(Newser) – Glenn Beck's decision to don an old East German army uniform for the cover of his latest book is as ridiculous as the paranoid rantings that no doubt lie within, Silbey writes at the Edge of the American West. It's not clear what statement Beck's trying to make, Silbey notes, although it could be "Obama wants to make us all Communists" or possibly "I wanted to dress up in a Nazi uniform, but didn’t have the courage.”

Trying to decipher Beck's motivation in bringing an outfit from a failed Communist state out of mothballls is probably futile, Silbey decides. With somebody like Pat Buchanan there's at least some thought process, however twisted going on, but Beck's "impressively stupid" statement with that uniform "is simply gibberish; gibberish, I now realize, that resembles his malign rantings pretty well."