Reid's 6 Biggest Headaches
Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman are two of them
By Jason Farago, Newser Staff
Posted Oct 28, 2009 8:14 AM CDT
Sens. Mary Landrieu and Evan Bayh are seen as swing votes on health care reform.   (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg)

(Newser) – To get the 60 votes he needs just to bring his health care bill to the floor of the Senate, Harry Reid is going to have to rein in some of his caucus' members. Politico surveys the majority leader's biggest challenges.

  • Joe Lieberman, Conn. The independent said yesterday he'll join a GOP filibuster if the bill's not changed. He's no fan of either a public option or Olympia Snowe's trigger option—though he might just be posturing.

  • Blanche Lincoln, Ark. She's facing an uphill election battle next year in a deeply red state. Yesterday she said she'll have "tremendous troubles" supporting a government-run program but wants to see the bill first.
  • Mark Pryor, Ark. He's ready to bring the bill to the floor but may not vote for it at the end.
  • Ben Nelson, Neb. The caucus' most conservative member is playing coy, saying it's "too soon" to take sides.
  • Evan Bayh, Ind. He's relaxed about the public option, but may vote against the bill depending on how it affects the average family's premium.
  • Mary Landrieu, La. She's "very skeptical" about the Reid plan and won't even say whether she'll vote for debate. Liberal activists in the Bayou State are already threatening her.

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Oct 29, 2009 1:49 AM CDT
Millions of Americans will agree with you. Diseases like cancer strike everyone. What kind of human being takes money from health insurance companies & ignores the very people who they are supposed to represent? Many of those Americans are sick & dying without health insurance. Others are losing their small businesses because they can no longer afford to cover the health of all of their employees. You can't create jobs when the middle class is disappearing either. This should be a "no brainer" shouldn't it?
Oct 29, 2009 1:37 AM CDT
So your motto is, "survival of the fittest?" Is there any category of Americans who you believe that the govt. should help? My father was like you. I suffered chronic pain as a child & we had no health insurance. He was willing to sacrifice my health for his own ideology. Now I live in Canada with universal health care, my father is dead & the rest of my family in America want change. I'm not willing to let children suffer the way I did.
Oct 29, 2009 1:28 AM CDT
Many apologies for irritating you. Are you referring to the following link? / Or this; No matter how you calculate it,the number is growing & the middle class is disappearing. Small business bankruptcies are growing because the cost of health insurance is too expensive. Those small businesses were the main place of new employment for Americans. Oh, and there's a small concern - I'm not OK with AMERICANS who are suffering without health insurance.