16 Tips for Cheeseburger Eating

Skip the mundane (ketchup, lettuce) and the overly fancy (brie, Kobe)
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 6, 2009 1:15 PM CST
This guy is doing it wrong. The best flavor combination for burger toppings, writes Kevin Pang, is bacon, onions, and cheese--and the lettuce and tomato just get in the way.   (Getty Images)

(Newser) Kevin Pang sent six months eating cheeseburgers, and he's sharing his hard-earned expertise with his fellow meat-eaters. From the Chicago Tribune:

  • Cheese: Just say no to feta, bleu, or brie.
  • Condiments: Skip the ketchup and mustard; head directly for the mayo.
  • Bun: Yes, there is a taste difference between toasted and untoasted. Opt for toasted, preferably buttered.

  • Toppings: Make sure to pair correctly—for example, bacon with American cheese or mushrooms with Swiss. Leave lettuce and tomatoes off entirely.
  • Fast food:: Steak ‘n Shake and Schoop’s tie for the best.
  • Chain restaurants:: Red Robin’s A1 Peppercorn style wins.
  • Kobe: The only thing this really means is that the burger will cost $5 more.
  • Fries: Go for the ones made in beef tallow, not duck fat.
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