Admit It Wolf, You Smoked Pot

It's no big deal, so stop getting all secretive about it
By Nick McMaster,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 10, 2009 4:38 PM CST

(Newser) – Wolf Blitzer can stay calm and collected on nearly any subject—except when marijuana comes up. Yesterday, during a discussion of Barney Frank’s brush with pot, the anchor noted that he couldn’t recognize the plant but could recognize the smell, then got flummoxed when asked to elaborate. And this was Wolf’s second brush with pot-blushing, notes the Intel blog at New York: When Jack Cafferty asked last May if he smoked, Blitzer told him, “No—uh, well, you're getting into a sensitive area."

"Look, Wolf, you're not running for president," writes Dan Amira. "You're a somewhat respected midday news anchor. Nobody cares if you've smoked marijuana before (or still do). In fact, it wouldn't surprise anybody. You went to college in the sixties. You have a beard. Your name is Wolf. And, oh yeah, you've already stumbled into half-admissions twice now on live national television. So next time the topic comes up, just be honest with us. We can handle it."