Crazy Job Interview Questions

How many tennis balls are in this room, and why, wonders Yahoo
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(User Submitted) – The employment resources blog has rounded up some of the most bizarre interview questions of 2009. Some beauties:

  • How many tennis balls are in this room and why? (Yahoo)
  • If you were a brick in a wall, which brick would you be and why? (Nestle USA)
  • If I put you in a sealed room with a phone that had no dial tone, how would you fix it? (Apple)
  • Say you are dead — what do you think your eulogy would say about you? (Nationwide)

  • Given a dictionary of words, how do you calculate the anagrams for a new word? (
  • How would you sell me eggnog in Florida in the summer? (Expedia)
  • What are five uncommon uses of a brick, not including building, layering or a paperweight? (Kaplan Higher Education)
  • How many hair salons are there in Japan? (Boston Consulting)
  • If both a taxi and a limo were priced the exact same, which one would you choose? (Best Buy)

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