10 Board Games Still Fun for Adults

Let's be honest, Risk and Monopoly were never for kids anyway
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 20, 2010 1:29 PM CDT
Candyland...actually not so much fun as an adult, unless you drink.   (Flickr)

(Newser) – You probably loved board games as a kid—and guess what? Some of them are still fun now. Ten of the best, courtesy of teagueb at LikeMe:

  1. Payday: It never got as popular as the similar LIFE, but it’s even cooler because it’s measured in real time—meaning “you can play for six months, a year, or an entire adult lifetime.”
  2. Battleship: The best part is “being able to say ‘You sank my battleship!’ in faux-outrage.”
  3. Candyland: This one is only fun as an adult if you turn it into a drinking game.
  4. Monopoly: “If you ever wanted to see what capitalist evil lurks in the hearts of your friends? Set aside 14 hours or so and play Monopoly with them.”

  1. Boggle: It’s even “more addictive now that your vocabulary is (one would hope) larger than it was back in the 4th grade.”
  2. Risk: Actually, you probably never played this as a kid, but perhaps you did as a teenage boy.
  3. Scrabble: “A pretty challenging game of spelling, and vocabulary, and other things adults are just plain better at. Like learning how to get rid of a rack full of nothing but vowels.”
  4. Clue: It’s “the only pastime in which you can actually reveal yourself to be a murderer.” What’s not fun about that?
Click here for the last two, both of which involve dice.

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