Brave Kids Help Mom Deliver Baby
This Tuesday, March 16, 2010 picture shows the Sanders family, from left, Alana, Faith, 11, Geoffrey, newborn Joseph, Jabari, 9, and Janelle, 2, in Fremont, Calif.   (AP (Anda Chu))

(User Submitted) – When mom delivered their newborn baby brother on the bathroom floor, 11 year-old Faith and 9 year-old Jabari didn't panic, but swung into action. As the baby came out, Jabari called 911, relaying messages from his mother, while Faith followed the operator's directions, wiping off the baby and tying up the umbilical cord with string. The newborn, Joseph, and his mother Alana, were later taken to a Northern California hospital where they were both given a clean bill of health. Jabari found the experience "cool and weird," he tells the AP.