Young Mom With Alzheimer's Doesn't Know She Gave Birth
By tricksy_rabbit, Newser User
Posted Apr 13, 2010 1:28 AM CDT
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(User Submitted) – Rebecca Doig gave birth to a healthy baby daughter named Emily last week, but she doesn't know that she's a mom—or even that she was pregnant. The 31-year-old Australian woman suffers from rapid-onset Alzheimer's, and doctors discovered that she was pregnant while doing a series of scans to determine what was causing her severe memory loss.

Husband Scott Doig told the Daily Telegraph, "It's hard to see your wife lose that. Once she was so energetic and youthful. But she's my life and I'm not giving up on her." Since Emily's birth by Cesarean section, she has been found to not carry the gene that would predispose her to develop her mother's condition. Rebecca Doig is believed to be the first woman to be affected by this extremely rare form of Alzheimer's disease. Read the full article.

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